Other Actions

Get together with friends and…

  • Throw away or burn things like diet books, videos, calorie counters, tape measures, make-up, one-size-fits-all clothing, advertising that objectifies women etc.
  • Declutter on social media by deleting accounts that make you feel bad about yourself, promote poor ideas of body image or creates an unrealistic image of beauty standards.
  • Celebrate national No-Diet Day on May 6th and spread the word to friends via social media like facebook, twitter, and Instagram.
  • Take all of the foods you feel guilty about eating like chocolate, cake, candy, and chips and eat them with no shame.
  • Stop dieting altogether. Make a pact to avoid participating in diet culture. Instead eat healthy together by having meals with one another, take a yoga class or try CrossFit, make a team and join a league to play ultimate frisbee. There is a difference between dieting and living a healthy lifestyle help remind one another of that!

Speak Out Against Size Discrimination

  • Put pressure on companies that discriminate against fat people or force employees into weight-loss programs.
  • Advocate against size discrimination in schools for children, teens, and young adults.
  • Challenge attitudes –speak up when fat jokes are made in your presence.