Host a campus screening of a movie or documentary depicting strong women who are comfortable in their own bodies.  After the showing, hold a panel discussion about the themes the movie raises and your ideas or opinions about them. Some example films could be He Named Me Malala, Miss Representation, The Ascent of Woman, or American Masters: The Women’s List.


Does your campus have an obsession with diets and exercise? Does wearing designer clothes trump wearing sweats to your 8 a.m.? Do women feel like they have to submit to a certain dress code? Submit an op-ed to the campus newspaper to talk about how the Love Your Body Campaign can help women feel good as they are.


Host a forum on women’s health issues with student health physicians or local doctors to talk about what good health means for women. Propose a class discussion on stereotypes and how they impact women’s lives. Hold a panel discussion with professors, activists, and community leaders to speak on a variety of issues. Get your fellow organizations involved to bring different voices and help widen your audience.


Create posters and signs advertising Love Your Body Day and display them around campus! Be creative with your designs, and make sure you post your handiwork at high traffic areas around your school. This could include women’s studies and sociology departments, the student union, or the student activities office.

Celebrate Love Your Body Day!

Celebrate with the arts!

  • Perform or host a reading of a play with a positive message about women’s bodies like “The Vagina Monologues or “The Good Body”.
  • Make a campus-wide art project by having students write or take a photo that displays why they love their bodies. Hang the complete project in a well-trafficked area on campus.
  • Organize a dance showcase by having campus cultural groups present traditional dances or host a dance-a-thon!
  • Host a yoga, meditation, or Zumba class to focus on the promotion of a healthy body image.
  • Make a short movie by interviewing people around campus about why they love their body and share it on social media.
  • Bring in a speaker or discussion leader that can present on the importance of self-love and self-care. After the presentation, break into small groups to discuss how to implement these strategies into real-life scenarios.
  • Lead a forum on positive affirmations and their importance for self-love. Emphasize the importance of affirmations such as “my body deserves love and respect”, “I love my body as it is today”, or “I define my worth and I am worthy”.  
  • Organize a rally with music, food, and information