World AIDS Day 35: Remember and Commit – Especially for Women

Statement by NOW President Christian F. Nunes   

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Since 1988, the global health community has marked December 1 as World AIDS Day to bring attention and raise awareness around the ongoing HIV/AIDs epidemic. Medical research has made great strides to better understand and treat the virus. Still, today, we remember that more than 1,800 women around the world every day get infected with HIV, and the virus still disproportionately affects women and girls.

In 2022, approximately 39 million people across the globe live with HIV: 37.5 million adults and 1.5 million under 15. Notably, 53 percent of this group are women and girls. Women – especially young women – face increased biological susceptibility to HIV but also encounter sexual violence, gender inequalities, restricted access to prevention, or the inability to protect themselves against infection that men often do not. 

NOW’s goals to end violence against women, create better access to health care, and continue the fight for overall equality extend to finding a cure for AIDS and preventing more women from infection. 

As World AIDS Day commemorates its 35th anniversary this year, the U.S. government selected the theme “Remember and Commit.” Today, we remember those we have lost and their families and stand in solidarity with those dedicated to creating a world where HIV/AIDS is no longer a public health threat 

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