We Won’t Stop Fighting to Protect Medication Abortion

Statement by National NOW President Christian F.  Nunes 

WASHINGTON–Today’s action by the U.S. Supreme Court to maintain FDA approval of mifepristone while an appeal of a lower court’s ban moves forward and gives millions of women breathing room—for now.   

It is a radical and unprecedented step to invalidate FDA authority to fit an extreme political agenda.  Instead of trusting doctors, understanding science, and respecting women, far-right judges and politicians want to take control of women’s bodily autonomy and keep them from accessing the health care they need. 

This fight now goes back to the notorious 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, with judges packed by Donald Trump to be the most conservative federal bench in the country—and then back to the Supreme Court. 

NOW will be ready then, as we’re ready now.  We won’t wait to make our voices heard, to stand up for women, or to fight back against injustice.  

Medication abortion is safe, effective, and essential.  NOW members won’t let our health care be compromised, attacked or taken away.   

# # # 

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