We Need the Freedom to Vote Act to Strengthen Our Democracy and Keep Our Voices from Being Silenced

Statement by National NOW President Christian F. Nunes 

The promise of our democracy has been denied too long, for too many. The barriers that keep Black, Brown, Indigenous, young, and new Americans from voting must come down—NOW! 

The Freedom to Vote Act, re-introduced in Congress yesterday afternoon, will set national standards for voters to safely and freely cast ballots, and prevent local officials from interfering with the results and sabotaging our elections. 

This legislation will protect the right to vote, end partisan gerrymandering, fight election subversion, and weaken the influence of big moneyed special interests. 

Freedom to vote means the power to make change—and make progress on the issues that matter most. Our vote is our voice. We must use it to advance racial justice, reproductive rights, environmental justice, and gender equality. 

The Freedom to Vote Act is the guarantee we need and deserve so that every vote is counted, and every voice is heard. 

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