Trump’s Adolescent Bullying Behavior Demeans All Women

The gif showing Hillary Clinton being knocked down by a golf ball that Donald Trump released earlier this week is almost beyond outrage.

“Trump’s continued attacks on his former opponent reveal Trump’s true nature – that of an ignorant bully stuck in adolescence,” NOW President Toni Van Pelt said, “and he needs to stop it”

His actions give permission to aggressors who would abuse women. It is not okay for him to suggestively depict a violent action against anyone, let alone Hillary Clinton, a person of respected public stature. Trump’s offensive utterances clearly contribute to the climate of increased divisiveness and hatred the country is experiencing. His long record of demeaning and assaulting women has a pervasive spread that increases a risk of physical or verbal violence aimed at women. Trump’s endorsement of sexual assault on the Hollywood Access videotaped incident conveys the message that it’s alright for men to sexually abuse women.

Underlying this appalling behavior is the ugliness of white male supremacy that characterizes the attitudes of many officials in the current administration and many Republican legislators. If anyone thought that white male supremacy with its dangerous strain of misogyny was receding, Trump and his friends have brought it back bigtime. Right wing Republicans know that intimidation is a useful tool to ram through a harmful Affordable Care Act replacement bill, tax cuts for the rich and other regressive policies.

Trump’s offensive words and vulgar behavior has undercut the nation’s authority and reduced our status internationally. Elements of his speech before the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday displayed the Trump brand of bullying at the highest level. Many in the audience were stunned and embarrassed for the United States.

Finally, it’s astounding that the First Lady apparently ‘Does Not Get It.’ On Wednesday, Melania Trump returned to her earlier campaign promise of working against cyber bullying in a speech at a UN luncheon, saying that adults need to stand up and protect their children from such abuse via social media.

The twitter world exploded with sharp criticism. One comment: “Melania Trump talking about cyber bullying when her husband is the absolute worst offender is just Twilight Zone worth. Disturbing family.”

Another wrote, “Melania’s speech at the UN has to be a joke. HAS TO BE! She CANNOT be serious. Melanie (sic), go home and give this speech to your husband!!!”

We agree. Melania, please work on your husband. The country does not need a bully in the White House.