The House Must Pass the Bipartisan Tax Package to Help American Families

WASHINGTON, D.C.- Christian F. Nunes, National Organization for Women (NOW) National President, issued the following statement in response to reports that the full U.S. House of Representatives will vote on H.R. 7024, a bipartisan tax package that will expand the Child Tax Credit (CTC) later today: 

“Instead of fighting among themselves, the U.S. House of Representatives can actually do something tangible for the American family by expanding the CTC. While this expansion is temporary and falls short in many ways, it is still a major step forward in reducing child poverty and assisting families in need. 

Across the United States, there are families, especially in Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities, who struggle daily to access childcare, feed their children, and keep a roof over their families’ heads. The CTC will provide some financial relief and help provide a better life for children. When families get stronger, our communities and country thrive.  

No child should live in poverty in a nation that can address this inequity. And now the ‘House of the People’ needs to have the will to do right for American families.” 

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