Senate Passes a #BadDealForWomen

The Senate tax bill passed today is a #BadDealForWomen. This ugly bill illustrates just how out of whack conservatives’ priorities are–paying for tax cuts for billionaires and millionaires by taking from women and their families.

Raced through the Senate with little transparency–language was finalized just hours before the bill came to a vote–the bill undermines women’s health, autonomy, and security from all angles.

It would shred social programs that sustain women. Billions of dollars would be cut from Medicare and Medicaid; funding for child care, food assistance, public education, and more would be threatened. As always, marginalized individuals–notably low-income women–will be hit hardest of all.

Even more chilling are the implications for healthcare. Under this plan, an estimated 13 million people will lose their health insurance–destabilizing the market for all.

It also lays the groundwork for conservatives to further undermine reproductive rights. The bill includes disturbing fetal “personhood” language, included only to build momentum for future rollbacks of access to abortion care and birth control.

It is clear whom this bill will wound–while giving a boost to the wealthy, and undermining our economic system as a whole. Women should be outraged that their senators so clearly voted against the interests of their constituents–and remember that vote next Election Day.

Contact: Emily Imhoff,, 951-547-1241