Senate Confirms Wilson, Continuing Attack on Reproductive Rights

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Moments ago, the Senate voted to confirm Judge Cory Wilson to the already conservative Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. This court has jurisdiction over courts across Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas – three states with severely limited abortion access. By adding Wilson to the bench, the Trump administration and Senate Republicans have made this court a monumental threat to women’s rights and reproductive freedom in these states.  

Cory Wilson has a history of extremist decisions and beliefs. He is outspoken about his desire to roll back abortion access and has attacked Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood. He’s called the Affordable Care Act “illegitimate” and opposed an expansion of Medicaid that would have benefited 100,000 people without health insurance. He is openly anti-LGBTQIA+ and has supported laws that enable voter suppression.  

The appointment of Judge Wilson to this court is an affront to women, Black communities, and other marginalized populations who need our support. The Senate has aided President Trump in placing over 200 right-wing, extremist judges and justices in courts across the country.  

NOW fiercely opposes judicial nominees who attack reproductive rights, accessible voting, LGBTQIA+ equality, and who are actively advocating to take away women’s rights. We are determined to flip the Senate and prevent Trump from serving another term in our nation’s highest office. The shameful appointment of Judge Wilson must be the last time Trump is able to use our courts to endanger the lives and rights of women 

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