Second Debate Shows, Once Again, Why Hillary Clinton is Trustworthy

Last night’s debate showed a side of Donald Trump we’ve seen all too many times—angry, misogynist, arrogant, and at times even menacing. Trump is demonstrably unfit to hold the highest office in the land.

Trump’s threat to put his political rival, Hillary Clinton, in jail is something we’d expect to hear from a third-world dictator—and maybe that’s the model to which Trump aspires. He is all swagger and no policy, all hate and no understanding.

He even questioned Secretary Clinton’s friendship with Michelle Obama, displaying a petulance that only turns even more women voters against him.

The contrast with Hillary Clinton could not be more stark. She proved again that she has the temperament, the knowledge, and the judgement to be President of the United States. She is not phased by the likes of Donald Trump. She is fighting for us — for higher wages, fair pay, access to health care, debt-free college, racial justice, and immigration reform that keeps families together.

Women are under no illusion: we know that we must work our hearts out to win this election. Throughout the campaign, Secretary Clinton has been subjected to a gendered double standard that takes her to task for every misstep, false accusation, and internet conspiracy masquerading as news—while Donald Trump gets a pass as a showman-turned-politician.

But as Michelle Obama says, when they go low, we go high. NOW leaders are mobilizing across the country to ensure that every woman knows why Hillary Clinton is our champion. Donald Trump may huff and puff, but we are not intimidated. We will elect Hillary Clinton, and we will elect a Congress that will work with her to move our country forward.

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