Roger Goodell Is Still Trying To Run Out The Clock

It’s been one month since NOW called for Roger Goodell to take responsibility for the NFL’s failure to acknowledge and address its domestic violence problem. Goodell is a failed leader, and he needs to step aside. Sadly, he is making the public interest take a back seat to public relations, putting team owners in charge of an investigation that is operating in a cone of silence. Where is Robert Mueller? How long can it take, after all, to complete the insider review that, at Roger Goodell’s instruction, is as narrow as it could possibly be?

As the largest and wealthiest sports organization in the U.S., the NFL ought to be a role model. It could show employers everywhere how to deal with domestic violence when it occurs within their institution, and what policies and core values can prevent it. Instead, Roger Goodell is putting his head down and rushing towards the goal of saving his job. If he really cares about the integrity of the game, he’ll show some personal integrity and resign without further delay.

Contact: Elise Coletta,, (951) 547-1241