Oakland Raiders Head Coach Tom Cable Should Be Suspended While Allegations of Domestic Violence and Abuse are Investigated

Tom Cable’s history of violence against women raises a question: why is he still the head coach of an NFL team? Mr. Cable admits having battered his first wife, and he stands accused of battering two other intimate partners as well.

As a survivor of domestic violence, I know that women do not make such accusations lightly. Indeed, women have much more to lose than to gain by coming forward to tell their stories. The Oakland Raiders, properly, say they are undergoing a “serious evaluation” of these recent allegations. At the very least Mr. Cable should be suspended during this process. But I don’t understand why he doesn’t simply step down, admit he has a problem, and get some help. A man who had admitted battering his wife has no business being a role model for all of us who would like to be able to look up to the head coach of an NFL football team.


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