NOW Political Action Committee Proudly Endorses Elizabeth Warren

The National Organization for Women Political Action Committee is proud to announce its endorsement of Elizabeth Warren for U.S. Senate from Massachusetts. Warren is the most prominent of three Democrats vying to run against incumbent Republican Sen. Scott Brown in the general election.

Warren is a tough and effective advocate for economic justice. She has inspired countless voters with her frank talk about Wall Street and the predatory financial practices that target so many women and men struggling to make ends meet.

Warren conceived and pushed for the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, an agency dedicated to ensuring that consumers get the information they need to make sound financial decisions for themselves and their families. Conservatives blocked Warren’s appointment as the bureau’s first director, knowing she had the chops to stand up to big business and the old boys club.

Warren is a strong supporter of feminist issues, including reproductive justice, women’s economic security, constitutional equality and equal marriage rights. In addition, she is not only fearless and fiercely intelligent, but also gifted at explaining complex issues in plain language and winning people’s trust.

We need Elizabeth Warren (and more women like her) in the United States Senate. NOW PAC looks forward to sending her to Capitol Hill to fight for the rights of women and everyone who needs a fair shake.

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