NOW is Proud to Rally for Abortion Justice

Washington, D.C. — This Saturday, October 2nd, NOW is proud to be a sponsoring partner of the Rally for Abortion Justicea coalition effort of 120+ reproductive health, civil rights, and justice organizations mobilizing together to defend access to abortion care.  We are not going to let anti-abortion extremists get away with erasing our constitutional right to reproductive choice and bodily autonomy or creating more unnecessary hurdles for people already marginalized by our health care system.    

We have to show our numbers—and determination as we stand up for access to abortion and reproductive healthcare.  Our members are marching on Washington and across the country to send a message to lawmakers everywhere that we will not allow vigilante justice to replace our system of laws in Texas or anywhere else.  

NOW has always rallied for women’s lives, and in the next election, we will vote for women’s lives. Roe will not be overturned on our watch. Abortion is a fundamental human right, and our grassroots activists will make sure it stays that way. 

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