NOW Foundation Goes on Offensive with 2008 Feminist Super Bowl AdWatch

“The NOW Foundation is going on the offensive this year with our 2008 Feminist Super Bowl AdWatch,” said NOW Foundation President Kim Gandy. “The Super Bowl is much more than a championship football game. As the most watched television event of the year, it attracts enormous attention not just for the opposing teams but for the commercials, too.”

This Sunday an estimated 158 million people will watch at least part of the Super Bowl game; more than a third of these viewers say they tune in because of the ads, according to the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association.

“Almost as many women as men watch the Super Bowl, and millions of girls and boys are glued to the screen as well,” said Gandy. “That’s why our feminist ad-watchers will be paying close attention to the commercials and ranking them based on their portrayal of women and other groups who often see themselves stereotyped, ridiculed or just plain missing in high-profile ads.”

Monitors will rate ads based on issues of representation/diversity, sexual exploitation, violence, and social responsibility. Volunteer feminist monitors will be grading the best and the worst of the ads and the NOW Foundation will release its findings late Sunday after the game.

“Fox is reportedly charging $2.7 million this year for 30 seconds of commercial time. If advertisers are willing to hand over that kind of dough, then clearly they believe their commercials will make a big impact on the viewing audience,” Gandy said. “Well we agree. So, this Sunday the NOW Foundation and feminists across the country will be calling personal fouls on the worst Super Bowl commercials and awarding extra points to the ads that best demonstrate the concept of playing fair.”

Read the results online.


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