NOW Congratulates Rhode Island for Embracing Marriage Equality

NOW congratulates Rhode Island on becoming the tenth state to embrace marriage equality. With Governor Chafee’s signature, all Rhode Islanders will have access to the same marriage rights. Rhode Island NOW has been a longtime coalition partner and we are thrilled that their participation has resulted in one more step along the journey to full marriage equality in the U.S.

This month may well go down in history as a landmark period for marriage equality in the United States. Momentum continues to build in a number of states, including Delaware and Illinois. The Illinois House of Representatives is poised to pass the marriage equality bill it is currently considering. Delaware may, next week, become the eleventh state to pass a marriage equality bill. NOW urges the Illinois House of Representatives and the Delaware Senate to pass these bills.

In Colorado, a civil union law went into effect yesterday. While this is a step forward, civil unions do not offer the same legal protections as marriage. NOW leaders and activists will continue to work with our allies in Colorado to enact full marriage equality.

We know we will win this battle — state by state and, eventually, at the national level — for marriage equality. The tide is turning in our favor; a majority of Americans believe same-sex couples should be allowed to marry. Change has occurred thanks to those activists — including NOW members — willing to knock on doors, sign petitions and vote with their consciences. We will not stop until marriage equality is a reality throughout the United States.


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