NOW Congratulates Hochul on Breakthrough Win in New York Special Election

In a New York special election Tuesday, NOW PAC-endorsed candidate Kathy Hochul (D), County Clerk of Erie County, decisively won the open House seat in the state’s 26th District.

The election has garnered national attention as the Ryan budget (which polls show most Americans oppose) became the heart of debates between Hochul and her opponents. Hochul adamantly opposes the House leadership’s plan to voucherize Medicare and cut Social Security, education, and other programs that serve and employ women, as do the voters in this district traditionally held by Republicans.

“The election of Kathy Hochul from New York’s 26th District is a significant victory in the battle for women’s rights, and NOW is confident that her term will establish her as a strong leader in the fight for full equality for women and girls,” said Terry O’Neill, chair of the NOW Political Action Committee. “We look forward to working with Kathy when she arrives on Capitol Hill.”

O’Neill extends a special thanks to NOW volunteers from around the country who phoned for Hochul and the Rochester NOW members who worked tirelessly in the campaign to ensure Hochul’s victory.


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