It’s Time To Vote For Women’s Lives in Kansas

On Tuesday, August 2nd, voters across Kansas will vote on language to alter the state constitution, revoking a woman’s right to have an abortion. Kansas is the first state to vote on abortion rights since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade in June. Voting in favor of amending the state constitution would alter the rights that are currently in place and revoke the right to an abortion. Tuesday’s vote will set a dangerous precedent for other states who are ready to enact near total abortion bans.  

NOW stands with the women of Kansas and their right to choose. Activists in Kansas have been fighting to maintain the constitutional right to make decisions about their bodies, but it’s only the beginning. Birthing people of Kansas deserve better than that–they deserve the right to bodily autonomy.   

The truth is that the political landscape of Kansas tells us that this is a fight we can win. We have the numbers to change this dangerous effort to overturn women’s rights. NOW urges its members in Kansas to get out and vote ‘No’ in opposition to the language alterations. Outside of Kansas, NOW also calls on its members to look at their state legislation to see what they are doing and saying about reproductive rights. We must get out and vote for women’s lives. We cannot achieve complete equality without this step. 

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