Instead of Marking 51 Years of Constitutional Right to Abortion Care, Women Face the Second Year of the Post-Roe Era

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Christian F. Nunes, National Organization for Women (NOW) National President, issued the following statement in advance of the 51st anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling that women have a federal constitutional right to abortion care:   

“Instead of marking Monday, January 22 as the 51st anniversary of Roe v. Wade, women are instead forced to acknowledge Year Two of the post-Roe era. After the Supreme Court took away a woman’s constitutional right to abortion care in the Dobbs decision, we must redouble our fight to protect women’s health and lives.   

Their ruling launched a fever of dangerous actions in the states, the courts, and the ballot box to further limit women’s autonomy, privacy, and access to health care. 

Now, women across the country look forward, not back, and that’s why we will turn up every day between now and the November election to restore the federal right to abortion and turn back the tide of extremist laws in the states.    

These radical elements who want more power over women’s lives do not intimidate us. We know their extreme views on abortion are losing ground with the public, just like abortion bans are losing votes in key battleground states. 

Our battle for Roe is not over—in fact, it’s more important than ever. And women are ready to fight.” 



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