Indict R. Kelly For Sexual Assault

WASHINGTON – The truth is finally catching up to R. Kelly, whose music career has become a criminal enterprise centered around the exploitation and abuse of young black girls. He must be brought to justice, now.

After the Lifetime documentary Surviving R. Kelly detailed the singer’s decades-long pattern of sexual abuse, sexual assault and sexual exploitation of underage black girls, R. Kelly finally lost his record deal, had concerts canceled and saw his music removed from radio station playlists.

But economic consequences aren’t enough for years of amoral, illegal and thoroughly evil behavior – R. Kelly must pay for his crimes.

It’s been reported that a grand jury has been convened in Cook County, Illinois following new allegations, including a 42-minute tape submitted by attorney Michael Avenatti that he says shows Kelly engaging in sex acts with an underage girl. The grand jury must finish its work.

We’ve already seen more than enough evidence. Indict R. Kelly, now. Bring him to trial.  Hold him accountable. Without delay.

Enough is enough.

Contact: NOW Press,, 202-628-8669