Donald Trump Promotes Sexual Assault As a Rich Man’s Perk

Donald Trump must be stopped. Someone with such disrespect for women, with such a misogynistic lifestyle who boasts about using his power to sexually assault women cannot–and will not–be the leader of this country.

Donald Trump also says that his demeaning and abusive comments about women were meant to be “entertaining.” Who does Donald Trump—and the elected officials who support him—think would find that sort of hate speech entertaining? Donald Trump has been shown once again to possess indefensible views and an irredeemable character, and leaders like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell can no longer pretend he is an acceptable candidate for president.

Women, and the men who care about women’s dignity and humanity, will be voting. We will be telling our friends and family to vote. We will be driving our grandparents, neighbors and friends to the polls to vote. This is not a drill. Women can stop Trump, and that’s exactly what we’ll do.

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