Democracy Demands That We Count Every Vote

WASHINGTON, D.C. – This election made history with a record turnout fueled by the enthusiasm, commitment and resolve of millions of women.  We voted early.  We voted by mail. We voted in person.  But our work isn’t finished just yet. We made our voices heard and now we have to make sure that our votes are counted.  

This election is not up to Donald Trump, it’s up to us – the people Donald Trump is once again spewing false information to create a narrative that benefits him and divides us. This is not an attempt to steal the election – this is literally what democracy calls for, that we count all votes and make sure the people have spoken.  

In the next few days, we must demand that our elected representatives and election officials stand up to Donald Trump’s authoritarian demands to shut down the vote count.   

No matter who is President, NOW will continue to call out injustices, stand up for diverse communities and work for lasting progress on economic security, reproductive health care, gender equality and racial justice.   

We will not be silenced. NOW will remain on the front lines to ensure these issues are at the forefront of a new feminist agenda in Washington. We know that when we make our voices heard, we make a difference. A fair and accurate vote count will prove that. 

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