Aggression, Misogyny and Rape Culture Won Women told to shut up and grow up This Must Stop. Enough is Enough.

WASHINGTON– Donald Trump picked a Supreme Court Justice cast in his own image. Trump chose a bully, a serial liar and a man who treats women with disrespect. These are the qualities that Donald Trump most admires.

NOW was proud to work in coalition with other groups that rose up in opposition to Brett Kavanaugh. For more than 50 years, NOW has been on the frontlines of history, and this effort was nothing short of historic. We have just witnessed the opening moves in a cynical, dangerous strategy.

Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell are seeking to perpetuate a toxic culture of male fury designed to hold women back and hold on to power.

They are betting they can mobilize a party of angry white men and the women who enable them, energized by the Brett Kavanaugh nomination.  They see the midterm elections as their chance to repudiate the #MeToo movement and further marginalize women.

The massive uprising against Brett Kavanaugh, like the Women’s March before it, will go down as a turning point in history. The energy and activism sparked by this nomination will not go away. It is now a permanent force in our politics and society.

NOW is more determined than ever to challenge the culture of anger and fear that produced this nomination. We will take this message to voters in the next election – NOW is going to march, canvass, call and campaign with vigor, energy and, enthusiasm like never before. No More Kavanaughs, no more Trumps, no more McConnells.

Enough is Enough.

Contact: Brittany T. Oliver,, 202-628-8669