Brochures to Download and Print

Guidelines for Downloading and Printing NOW Brochures

Updated 08/24/2022

Follow these tips, and you should get good results:

  • Make sure you are opening/downloading the brochures in at least version of Adobe (Acrobat) Reader. If you haven’t updated Adobe Reader in a while, or if you don’t have it at all, install the most recent (free) version right now.
  • If you are printing brochures to bring to an event, we recommend that you get them printed/copied at FedEx Office (Kinko’s), Office Depot or a similar place. Most home printers cannot print double-sided, and that’s what you want, both for aesthetic reasons and to save paper. Also, many home printers won’t be able to handle the small margins on these brochures.
  • The brochures should be printed on legal size paper, in landscape format: height 8.5″ width 14″
  • The brochures should be printed in color for best effect. However, we have provided grayscale versions of the files (with adjusted shading) in case you are unable to print them in color. If printing in black and white, you may discover, depending on the printer/copier you are using, that they may need to be lightened or darkened — do a test copy first.
  • The following print settings should produce brochures that conform to the original size and margins: In the print window, under Page Handling, Page Scaling should say None, Auto-Rotate and Center should be checked, and Choose paper source by PDF page size should be checked. Print out this page and bring it with you to the copy shop!

Folding instructions:

  • Place the page with the inside facing you (membership form side facing down)
  • Fold the page in half by taking the left side and folding it over so that the left edge lines up with the right edge
  • Now fold the page in half again by folding the left side over to the right

Brochure Files

Note: Some of these file sizes are fairly large.

General Brochure 2022 – Purple (0.4MB) – Updated 08/24/2022
General Brochure in Spanish – color (5MB)
Reproductive Justice – color (1MB)
Reproductive Justice – grayscale(1MB)
Young Feminist – color (6MB)
Young Feminist – grayscale (5MB)