2020 Conference Business

Conference Agenda

Conference Rules

Motions (to be voted on by the Conference)

Proposed Bylaws Amendments (National Board)

Proposed Bylaws Amendments (Washington NOW State Board and California NOW State Board)

Voting at the 2020 Conference

Due to the challenges of following parliamentary procedure in a virtual environment, we will follow these procedures for voting at the conference:

  1. Conference attendees may view the draft conference agenda, conference rules, motion, and proposed bylaws amendments by clicking the links on this page.
  2. Should you object to any of the above items, you may email planner@now.org with your specific objection, and the rationale for your objection. All objections received by September 16, at 4 p.m. EDT, will be taken under consideration by the Structure and Process Committee and the Executive Committee. Those objections that can be addressed will be re-worked into the agenda and rules OR they will be presented by the Structure and Process Committee as motions to amend at the conference.
  3. Once the conference platform opens (on or around September 19th), all items that will have votes taken will be listed as distinct messages on the Message Board. All conference attendees may place a “Pro” or “Con” comment on the message board to indicate their rationale for support or opposition to the motion.
  4. During plenary sessions, the moderator will read the proposed motion and at least two Pro and two Con messages. During this time, credentialed attendees may write into the chat what their support or opposition for the motion is. The moderator will then call to close debate and the credentialed attendees may take one minute to vote by answering the poll question. After the poll closes, the moderator will read the results of the vote.

Although the voting process is considerably different from the usual process during in-person NOW conferences, NAC staff have worked hard to ensure that members have the opportunity to have their voices heard, even though oral debate is not possible at this conference.

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