What is a Campus Action Network (CAN)?

Campus Action Networks (CANs) are clubs on campuses that affiliate with NOW. Many NOW young feminists have tremendous impacts on their campuses in their local communities and nationally. 

What is the difference between a NOW CAN and a NOW Chapter? A CAN is not a NOW chapter, meaning you have more flexibility on what you do and you are not required to file with the IRS. NOW CANs also do not need to be new groups on your school campus. As long as you have an existing group that works on one of NOW’s Key Issues, they can join our network! Say you have a Black Lives Matter club on campus. That group can become a NOW Campus Action Network. By joining our network, the group will be connected to other CANs nationwide and will be provided with resources and support from NOW. Our goal is to connect young intersectional feminists nationwide. 

What are the steps to starting and/or registering a CAN?

  1. For middle and high school students, check out this checklist for starting a CAN! 
  2. Check out the CAN Guidebook. It is a great way to familiarize yourself more with CANs, as well as it gives you an idea of what action you can take. (Spoiler Alert: we want you to do whatever interests you! Let us know how we can help you in your action.)
  3. Fill out the NOW Campus Affiliate form 
  4. Download the Campus Affiliate Participant Form – bring it to your first (or next) meeting to collect information of participants and then email a filled-in copy to chapters [at] now [dot] org.
  5. If your membership is interested, have them sign up for our young feminist list serve so they can be linked into NOW’s young feminist updates! 
  6. Don’t be a stranger! Reach out to the Young Feminist Task Force (by emailing NOWYoungFeminists@Gmail.com) whenever you feel the need. We are a group of young feminists, most of which have facilitated CANs on our own campuses. 

Resources for Taking Action!