Is NOW right for you?

You believe that women should control their lives. You believe in equality. You believe in social justice. You believe in ending violence and discrimination.

You want to meet likeminded people and work together to change the circumstances that negatively affect your life and the lives of people you care about.

From petitioning your city council to fund the local domestic violence shelter, to registering voters for the next election, to organizing a rally against unfair legislation, to planning a meeting where people can share their experiences with street harassment, NOW is a way for you to put your beliefs into concrete action and create change.

The women’s movement is NOW. It’s time to join in! Learn more about what we work on.

NOW on Campus

Young feminists bring activism to their schools and colleges by starting campus NOW chapters and Campus Action Networks (CANs). NOW activists can have a tremendous impact on their campuses, in local communities and nationally.

  1. How to start a NOW Campus Affiliate:
  2.  Fill out the NOW Campus Affiliate form 
  3. Download the Campus Affiliate Participant Form – bring it to your first (or next) meeting to collect information of participants and then email a filled-in copy to chapters [at] now [dot] org.
  4. Download and read the Campus Affiliate Manual, it contains answers to questions, action ideas and information about NOW

NOW for Teens

There is no minimum age for activism. NOW wants to support young activists in every way possible, and it is our hope that you will be able to use these resources to help you, whether you are starting a new NOW club, taking over the club’s leadership, or just planning a single event.


Take Action!