VC0010 NOW Young Feminists Alliance

NOW Young Feminists Alliance (NYFA) is the first Virtual Chapter of NOW. Our purpose is to help bring young women, men, and non-gender-conforming individuals into feminist activism and give a greater voice to young feminists, who feel underrepresented at times. We also want to work with our allies of ALL AGES to foster an intergenerational exchange. We want YOU—feminists of ALL AGES, to join us. We work on all of NOW’s six priority issues and focus on the intersectionality of oppression, especially on issues like religion/atheism, transphobia, indigenous rights, and economic/physical accessibility. Our members range from AZ to MN to NY and use the power of social media and online activism to leverage offline feminism. We have a monthly conference call and also hang out for fun. While we may not agree on every topic, we always treat each other with kindness and respect.


Location: NY

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