Wake Up, This Is the Reality!

By Liz Newbury, NOW Web Coordinator

Juggling work and life commitments is not easy, but what’s worse is the dialogue surrounding the issue. Policy makers and corporate hot-shots just aren’t seeing the big picture when it comes to women and the workforce, or women outside of the workforce, and we need to get their attention. We need them to know that we care about paid sick days, child and elder care, equal pay, health care, and so much more. Legislators need to know that this is a multi-faceted issue, but more importantly they need to know we want something done NOW.

If we want to enact change, we must join our voices together. NOW encourages all of our activists to take part in the series “Wake Up, This Is Reality!” organized by our sister organization, Fem2.0.

There are many ways you can participate.

January 25-February 5: Listen to the 30 minute blog radio series, “Work/Life in Our Communities.” While listening, participate in the live chat or Twittercasts!

February 6-13: Participate in the Blog Carnival. And of course, to learn more, visit the Fem2.0 website.

This is an incredible opportunity, so don’t miss out!

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