The Koch Brothers Are At It Again

Right wing billionaires David and Charles Koch, better known as the Koch brothers, are infamous for pouring money into organizations which then use that financial support for ultra-conservative causes.gotv

The Koch brothers are continuing their old tricks for the 2014 midterm elections, with plans to spend roughly $300 million total. Their political wing,  Americans for Prosperity, is spending $125 million, which is unprecedented for a private political group in a midterm.

The Koch empire is made up of a few main branches that funnel their money into smaller organizations that are dedicated to undermining progressive ideals. Some examples of these major Koch beneficiaries, besides  Americans for Prosperity— which garners enough support to rank as the third largest political party in the country — is Freedom Partners, a nonprofit chamber of commerce, and their newest source of power, a super PAC called the Freedom Partners Action Fund, which gives them the opportunity to directly support conservative candidates without going through third-parties.

Many conservative groups exist to battle progressive beliefs, so what makes the Koch brothers so dangerous?

Primarily, their sheer level of wealth and power gives them a great deal of influence and a much louder voice in elections than organizations with less funding and therefore, less power.

The Koch’s are known for giving generous donations to anti-choice organizations, most famously the Susan B. Anthony List, which uses their Koch funding to advertise for anti-choice candidates. Similarly, the Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee received a large sum from Koch affiliate Center to Protect Patient Rights, and used that funding to advocate for the passage of anti-choice laws in Texas.

Aside from attacking women’s rights to safe and inclusive health care, the brothers’ next targets are climate change activists, as they have begun to invest in fighting renewable energy and carbon dioxide regulations.

There really isn’t a pro-choice donor who can match the influence of the Kochs. Our most powerful tools to fight the Koch brothers’ wealth are votes. Our votes are our voices against the big money that now holds the power. Take that power back by pledging to vote this November 4th.

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