12/21 National Call-In Day: Tell the Senate to Address Affordable Housing and Build Back Better NOW 


THE ISSUE: We are on the brink of making one of the most transformative investments in families, children, and caregiving in generations. However, the Senate may adjourn for the holidays before taking action on the Build Back Better bill. In regards to housing, the BBB proposes an overdue $150 billion investment for affordable housing. This includes increased funding to dramatically boost the Housing Choice Voucher Program, the Housing Trust Fund, as well as funds to improve public housing in the United States. 

WHY IT MATTERS: The impact that COVID-19 has had on the housing crisis has potentially long-lasting effects and without desperately needed financial support, families may continue to face ongoing housing insecurity or homelessness. The housing crisis has a disparate impact on women, families, the elderly, communities of color and other marginalized communities that have been fighting for their basic rights during the pandemic. The Build Back Better investments in affordable housing will help to lift these groups out of poverty.  

THE STATUS: While the Senate originally stated that they planned to take action on the Build Back Better Act before the holiday season, it now appears that they are putting off action until 2022.  We must urge Senators to call for an “up or down vote” on passage of the bill as soon as possible.  


WHAT CAN I DO? Join NOW and its coalition partners for a national call-in day to overwhelm Senators with a high volume of messages from their constituents so they recognize the urgency of this situation. Call your Senator and tell them you want to see a vote on Build Back Better Act as soon as possible. 

HOW DO I DO IT?  On Tuesday, December 21st, call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 and be connected to your Senator’s office. Here is a directory of current Senators. If you call when Senators are home in your state, you can contact one of their several in-state offices. Just check their Senate websites to find contact information.   


Senator ________ , my name is ________,  and I am a resident of [CITY, STATE].  I want to urge you to call for an up or down vote on passage of the Build Back Better Plan as soon as possible before the holiday recess. Millions of our fellow Americans, including veterans, children, and working families are facing a life-threatening housing crisis this winter season. 

Covid-19 has dramatically increased the evictions of working families, children, and individuals who now more than ever need a helping hand from the federal government to ensure that all Americans have access to safe, decent, affordable, housing. Appropriating $150 billion dollars over 10 years in affordable housing is an investment in safe and secure communities; it will NOT result in rising inflation. Housing is a human right. All Americans deserve a safe and decent place to live, regardless of one’s income, health, or employment status