Eastern DistrictDelaware, District of Columbia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia

Katherine “Kobby” Hoffman

Kobby Hoffman joined the National Organization for Women (NOW) Board as the Eastern District representative by appointment in 2019, was then elected and is now applying for reelection. She currently serves on NOW committees of Audit and as Chair of ERA for constitutional equality. Previously she served as Chair of a Grievance committee, on Investments and as Chair of the Budget Committee. Kobby has had the privilege of working on the national, state and local level for the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) during which ratification was achieved on January 27, 2020 with Virginia ratifying as the 38th state and final state needed to put women in the United States Constitution – though done, time limit barrier in Congressional preamble remains as excuse to be removed so 28th Amendment ERA to be recognized and published. Then ERA implementation process can begin. Kobby also serves on the Virginia NOW PAC. She is the immediate past President of the Charlottesville Chapter and currently continues to serve on its Board in variety of roles since 1986.

In 1989 Kobby started a local annual Take Back the Night rally, march and vigil with NOW members: two college students and male co-worker which achieved creation of a city victim witness coordinator position shortly before the first step was taken and continues TBTN today as a weeklong event at the University of Virginia open to the community.

Kobby founded the Blue Ridge Abortion Fund by putting out a pickle jar with another NOW member at the County fair 33 years ago to help a woman in need of funds for an abortion. To empower others to exercise their Constitutional right, she opened a bank account, and took calls from doctors, nurses, social workers, and built from there. The Fund operated under Charlottesville NOW until 2009 when it was incorporated as a 501(C)(3). Annually financial and logistically support helps 1100 callers. Kobby served as President many times in its first 25 years and on the Board until 2020.

Kobby is currently the Grants and Contracts Administrator for Infectious Disease Clinic Ryan White program at University of Virginia serving 900 patients with some fifty doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, case managers and community health workers. She is also Chair of Benevolence Committee at her church, Election Official for 12 years and volunteering to elect equality candidates.

Rose Brunache

I am writing to apply to be on the National Board representing the Eastern District. The National Organization for Women is such an incredible organization, and I am proud to be a member. I believe I will be an asset as a board member. I am energetic, open minded, think outside of the box, and have a passion for women rights.

Even before I knew what feminism was, I was a feminist. I remember in kindergarten seeing how my classmates would judge “strict” female teachers compared to male teachers. I felt even at that age that women were unfairly expected to supplicate and be indirect. I believe being a black girl in a mostly white school, made me aware exceedingly early on that not all people are treated equally in daily life ranging from quotidian interactions, jobs, and politics.

I was born in Queens, New York, but grew up in Allentown, Pennsylvania. After I graduated high school, I then went to college at Temple university to study economics with a minor in business administration. I moved to the DC area after graduation and currently work as a financial management analyst for the government.

I got involved to DC NOW initially to just go to their book club, but eventually started going to their chapter meetings. Becoming chapter President of DC NOW is a dream and challenge. I have always wanted to move from talking about feminism to helping women and girls.

I studied economics, not just because I was interested in business or the economy, but because I wanted to understand how public policy shapes the country and the world. My final paper was on the effects of
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) on the poor and how to reform it. I am hoping to bring my outlook and education to the board. I am especially interested in gender-based violence and the feminization of poverty. As a millennial, I am hoping to also bring a younger perspective to feminism. I think the National Organization for Women should represent women of all ages and backgrounds.

Although I have only been president for 2 years, I have hit the ground running. As DC chapter president I increased DCNOW’s presence via discussion groups, increased social media presence, and launched a chapter podcast. I believe public engagement is just as important as protest and traditional lobbying.

If chosen to be on the board, I would help suggest and look for solutions to ease communication and incorporate new technology to make the organization run better. I will look for ways to recruit more black women and other minorities to NOW. I will also try to find solutions to getting younger women involved in NOW since membership skews older. Making NOW appealing to all women will help strengthen the organization and make accomplishing our mission easier. Please consider me for the eastern district representative for the national board.

Beth Corbin

If elected to the Eastern District, I will work to empower our grassroots chapter and state activists. NOW’s strength comes from our grassroots, and I will strive to ensure your voices are heard! I’ve worked at the National Action Center, served as Chapter and State President, and on the National Board.

During my previous Board term, I served on the Racial Justice, LGBTQIA+, and Criminalization of Trauma committees, and as Audit committee chair. I understand NOW and how we work! I will always advocate in NOW’s best interests, and the best interests of women and girls.

NOW must coordinate GOTV efforts for the Mid-Term Elections — to hold our majority in the House and increase our numbers in the Senate. We cannot be held hostage by a party that refuses to put “We the people” ahead of their personal political careers. A new Congress must pass the two Voting Rights Acts, the Women’s Health Protection Act, the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, the Equality Act, address climate change, and demand the ERA be recognized as law.

I understand discrimination, I’ve been fired from a job for being lesbian. I joined NOW over reproductive justice, and fully support safe and legal abortion on demand without apology! As a person with disabilities, I strongly advocate for disability rights. I’m deeply committed to ending violence against women and girls, and the discrimination faced specifically by BIPOC. We must work to end systemic racism and white supremacy.

I ask for your support.

Katonya Hart, (she/her) (incumbent)

Ms. Katonya Hart came to Charleston WV by way of the Charleston Job Corps Center. She is an advocate for furthering art and education. She forms partnerships that seeks to support art, education, individuals, community and spiritual growth through positive empowerment.

Katonya is a member of many community service and outreach organizations. Through these groups she has coordinated and/or participated in events aimed at out-reach and education. Her advocacy addresses issues in the community at many levels. Her art takes the form of theater, wearable and the written word – she has acted in, written, supported and organized numerous theater and poetry events in her community. Katonya has been recently named to the National Board of the National Organization for Women As one of the Eastern Region Regional Representative.

Katonya believes in acknowledging and affirming the work of the women who have gone before her: “I am a product of the Queens that have gone before me and surrounded and protected me.”

Danielle Walker

Danielle Walker is West Virginia’s only Black, female delegate. She is also a community activist, currently serving as a Democratic member of the West Virginia House of Delegates.

Walker is a member and supporter of several organizations, including Black Lives Matter; the NAACP; Mountaineers for Progress, an organization promoting progressive values throughout the state; the National Organization for Women; Moms Clean Air Force, an environmental protection organization; Planned Parenthood; the Working Families Party; Our Future West Virginia, a statewide organization focused on economic justice, educational justice, racial justice, and civic engagement; Mon County Read Aloud, an organization focused on improving childhood literacy; Mountain Mamas, a women’s climate change advocacy and environmental protection organization; MoveOn; and the Sierra Club

Widowed at just 29-years-old, Walker remarried and moved with her two sons to Morgantown, West Virginia, after her husband was relocated for his job. After the move, the two divorced, although Walker would choose to remain in Morgantown with her children; as a single mother raising two disabled children.

In 2021, Walker came out as a queer during a press conference in support of the Fairness Act, which would add sexual orientation and gender identity as protected classes in West Virginia’s Human Rights Act and the Fair Housing Act. Walker is the second openly LGBTQ+ woman to serve in the Legislature.

Danielle Walker is always available, and her door is always open. She is Danielle Walker.

Heartland DistrictIllinois, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin

Susan Elder

I look forward to continuing to serve NOW members in our Heartland District, with my experience as a legislative liaison for a government agency, a journalist, and an association manager.

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David S Stewart

I have made the decision to run for another term on the NOW National Board. I joined NOW 40 years ago. I have been an Activist at the chapter-state-regional-and national level.
In 1982 at my 3rd official NOW meeting, I was elected chapter secretary. 4 years later I was elected chapter president. I have served as the Iowa NOW state president and vice president. I am currently part of my chapter’s leadership team.

In 1990 I was elected to the NOW national board. Since then, I have served 7 two-year terms on the board. This run will be my final appearance win or lose. It has been a challenging 18 months. The current board did not take office until December of 2020 in the middle of a pandemic. The board has steadfastly worked via Zoom and conference calls to keep NOW at the Forefront of the Feminist Movement.

NOW Inc, and Foundation are in a strong financial position thanks to the previous 2 and current administrations.
I look forward to working with a new board and the current officers if, (I hope) when the Heartland district NOW members vote and reelect me this summer.

I do not shy away from making my opinions known. I am on the board to advocate and speak out for not just the10 states in our district, but for all the chapter-local activists, the rank & file. Those who organize-plan events-meetings-conferences-and attend the same. The Grass Roots. I will always be your voice, on the board or not.

Thank you and I ask for your support and vote at the Chicago conference, this July.
david stewart/queer/feminist

Links for my reelection.

Laura R. Welch

I am running for the NOW Board in the Heartland District. I have been active in NOW since 2016. I helped establish the Will County Chapter and served as the chapter’s President for five years and the state VP of Chapter Development for two. In October of 2019, I was elected President of Illinois NOW and was re-elected last September.

I have dedicated my life to non-profits. With my degree from UW Madison, I established the development program for American Players Theater and served on numerous non-profit boards. In addition to creating the development program for the Children’s Self-Help Center and the annual giving/special events program for Good Samaritan Hospital, I have led capital campaigns to build and renovate two non-profit sites. Together with my work as manager of the Annual Giving Program for the St. Louis Symphony and Development Director for the Women’s Self-Help Center, my teams have raised over $8 million dollars.

None of this would have been possible without volunteers and coalitions. The Illinois Reproductive Health Coalition is made up of dozens of state organizations. This past year we successfully lobbied to repeal the Parental Notice of Abortion Act and passed the Keeping Youth Safe and Healthy Act, updating health and sex education standards.

With the state chapters of National Council of Jewish Women, Rainbow PUSH Coalition, League of Women Voters, AAUW and the local NAACP, we created the Building Equity Coalition. 1800 people attended our first event about the new Illinois Criminal Justice law. Our second discussed housing inequities and a fall event will focus on racism in our public schools. This group was formed from the Promote the Vote coalition in which we work to educate people in marginalized communities about the importance of voting.

In 2018, I co-created the Joliet Pride Fest with 1500 people attending. And this year, we have created the Naperville Allies with local chapters of NCJW, AAUW, LWV, Naper Pride and NAACP. We have held pro-choice and voting rights events and are planning an event against book banning.

Illinois has an incredibly cohesive Executive Committee. My leadership style is to let folks create programs important to them, encouraging them to follow their hearts, knowing their voices are heard and they have room to grow.

I hope to create the same in our district. Holding quarterly district meetings to share information from the national level to our grassroots is paramount. Keeping our national organization apprised of what state and local chapters are doing can help shape programs that benefit everyone and I will work to ensure our chapters remain the center of NOW.

Our grassroots are frustrated and struggling with grotesque legislation and the lack of finances to push back. I will work with chapters on membership development, fundraising, and volunteer management. I know my work experience has helped other groups and that I can do the same on the NOW board.

Kim Villanueva

My passion for community organizing stems from my lived experiences as a bi-racial lesbian in the Midwest. I believe that every person deserves to be heard, acknowledged, and appreciated.

As one of NOW’s youngest state presidents, I organized actions and recruited members, spoke at rallies and legislative hearings, and built diverse chapters and coalitions – leading to Illinois NOW’s recognition as the “Most Effective Advocacy Group” by the Illinois Times. As Illinois NOW PAC chair, I registered voters and campaigned across the state to elect Carol Moseley-Braun to the U.S. Senate. Most recently, I chaired the NOW Elections Committee, which teamed with the State Presidents to implement hybrid voting, revolutionize NOW’s election procedures, and boost member involvement during the COVID pandemic.

In addition, I have served as president of the Central Illinois Gay and Lesbian Task Force, the Springfield YWCA, the Springfield Area Arts Council, and the Abraham Lincoln Unitarian Universalist Congregation.

I also hold nearly four decades of professional expertise in board governance and non-profit management. As communications director for the Illinois Community College Trustees Association, I oversee member engagement, facilitate board retreats, and manage ICCTA’s Awards, Bylaws, Executive, and Nominating committees – work that values collaboration, confidentiality, transparency, mutual respect, inclusivity, and active listening. These are skills that I hope to share with the NOW Board of Directors.

I’m proud to be a card-carrying member of NOW, and I would be honored to represent the Heartland District on the NOW Board. Please feel free to reach out anytime at kimvillanueva@comcast.net.

Northern DistrictConnecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont

Anjali Mehrotra

When President Biden chose Kamala Devi Harris as his running mate, all women across America celebrated the historic moment. But it was Black women and South Asian women like me who could not stop their tears. Never had I imagined that I would see someone who looked like me elected as Vice President of the United States. That’s what true representation is — inclusion of the diversity of this nation in the rooms of power where decisions are made. It’s why I fight every day, in New Jersey and at NOW, to ensure that diversity has not only a seat, but a voice at the table.

Born and raised in India, I learned at a young age to speak up and challenge the status quo, to fight for the opportunities I wanted. Now I use my platform and that voice to advocate for those who are under-represented and often have no voice. Currently, I serve on the Board of Directors of National NOW and am President of the New Jersey state chapter (NOW-NJ). I serve on the Structures and Process and Racial Justice committees and was instrumental in revising NOW’s Grievance Procedures to ensure that grievances are processed in a timely and efficient manner. I also co-founded the first Asian and Pacific American Caucus for NOW and authored two resolutions on Anti-Asian hate and Menstrual Equity that were adopted last year.

I came to New Jersey as a teen to pursue higher education and received a Bachelor of Engineering and a Master of Science from Stevens Institute of Technology in the field of Computer Science. After seven years as a software consultant, I obtained a Certification in Digital Design from Parsons School of Design and started my own freelance design business. In addition to my NOW duties, I serve on the Board of Trustees of my local community college —Union County College.

In 2021 I was the Democratic candidate for the New Jersey General Assembly for my legislative district and am a founding cabinet member for the newly relaunched Emerge NJ, an organization that trains Democratic women to run for office. In 2020, I earned my certification in Diversity and Inclusion from Cornell University and currently serve on the Union County Advisory Board on the Status of Minorities. To raise awareness regarding period poverty and stigma, I founded the first statewide coalition working to achieve menstrual equity that is currently focusing on legislation to provide free menstrual products in NJ public schools.

For too long, women of color have been left behind by the mainstream feminist movement. To grow and sustain NOW, we must stay united in the fight for equality and be intentional in our outreach to women of the ‘new American majority’ which consists of communities of color, young feminists, LGBTQIA folk, and people with disabilities. Join me in the fight for equity and representation – I ask for your support for my re-election to the National NOW Board of Directors.

Kimberly S. Adams

I am a staunch supporter of women’s rights. Whether teaching about women and politics, presenting my research domestically and internationally on female agenda-setting behavior in legislative bodies, marching for gender equity, or registering voters, I have devoted my career to the advancement of women and minorities in society.

As a NOW Board member, I will serve proudly and continue to fiercely advocate for women on important issues of the day such as health care, equal pay, a woman’s right to choose, access to education, domestic violence, bigotry, and equality under the law.

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Jaclyn Mutnick Richard

WOMEN’S EQUALITY and CHOICE is what lights my fire. I must be on the frontline in this fight to the finish. The recent happening with the Supreme Court has given me no choice as to run for a seat on the NOW National Board. I cannot be silent and this platform will result in action to make a difference.

Antichoice people are not trying to stop abortions, there will always be abortions, for privileged people and their daughters and mistresses, the goal is to keep women trapped in poverty for generations. Anti-choice could use funds for comprehensive sex education, free birth control and free contraception if the goal was to keep abortions to a minimum.

I ask you as the former President, Vice-President and domestic violence advocate of ROCHESTER NOW to give me your vote to FIGHT for women’s equality and choice on our NOW National Board. This is a vote you can count on. I have experience passion and time to give to our issues. I will fight till the end.

Jeannette R. Geter

Jeannette R. Geter is a social worker from Philadelphia. She began her social work career in PA as a Beacon Director at Bok High School for United Communities SE Phila, and spent time as a phone crisis counselor for Ceridian’s Military One Source, and Women Organized Against Rape. In 2012, Ms. Geter transitioned to the Department of Children &Youth Services in County of Delaware, PA where she specialized in foster care. Her work in child welfare led to advocacy efforts with various local organizations.

Ms.Geter joined the Coalition of Labor Union Women, CLUW, in 2017 as an extension of her advocacy work with her union, SEIU 668. She has served as an executive board member of Philly CLUW since 2018, and just completed a term as executive vice president. Through her work with Philly CLUW, Ms. Geter became aware of NOW and the longstanding partnership that exists between the two chapters in Philadelphia. Ms. Geter joined Philly NOW in 2019 and was elected as Vice President of PA NOW in 2021.

As a career social worker and the product of single sex education, Ms. Geter has always been passionate about ensuring that all women are empowered to speak up for equity. She is interested in the experiences of cis/trans women in the workforce and how to build bridges between the labor community and NOW. Ms. Geter was also a 2019 candidate for Philadelphia City Council and intends to continue a career in politics advocating for women and children.

Cindy Wolfe Boynton

Writer, professor, justice seeker, empowerer. These words define what I do for a career, as well as what propel my life journey and activist work to advance equality.

As part of my journey, I ran for State Representative in a district that leaned Republican. I worked harder than I ever worked before, but came up short on Election Day.

Not one to be easily discouraged, I ran for the Board of Education (BOE) in my town the following year and not just won, but was the highest vote-getter in my district.

I did not expect my work on the BOE to be controversial. But as Critical Race Theory agitators began a nationwide push to hijack school curriculums, I came under fire as I pushed back against this wave of hate.

I led a bipartisan committee to write and adopt a resolution calling for racial justice and equity in our education system. Through coalition and relationship building, I was able to get this resolution rejecting hate passed unanimously – but not without searing Republican attacks.

Each life experience teaches a lesson that helps shape the next one. And for my next life experience, I seek to bring my fire, fight and grit to the national NOW Board to help strengthen chapters at a time when the wave of misogyny is as strong as a tsunami, and women are under siege.

The new NOW Board must consist of individuals ready to work TOGETHER to support national NOW and chapters to defend our hard-won rights. As a chapter president, I am keenly aware of the importance of building a bridge between the National Action Center and the chapters that do the work on the ground. To me, the Board should be that bridge, empowering chapters’ grassroots efforts.

As a Board member, I would like to set up a development strategy that would partner chapters in states where women’s rights are threatened with those where our rights are safe and codified. National NOW must also reestablish itself as a greater nationwide presence:
– As a leader in fighting for federal women’s rights
– As the strongest ally for chapters fighting for state-specific rights
– As the creator of concrete partnerships and strategies designed to advance us all

Whether it’s in my role on the Governor’s Council on Women and Girls in Connecticut or my current work to make my hometown Connecticut’s first CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women) City, I’ve proven my ability to develop healthy, collaborative, and productive relationships that get results. As a NOW Board member, I will continue to identify problems, gather critical resources and stakeholders, facilitate the necessary conversations, and use my voice to strategically work with other Board members and allies to achieve our goals.

I am committed to not just advancing equity and equality, but to acting every day in a way that shows it. I know the difference between hearing and listening, and I’ll admit when I make a mistake. As always, sisterhood is how we best leverage and use our voices, knowledge, and power. As an organization, we are only our strongest when working together. As a national NOW board member, I will use my voice to amplify and empower yours.

Pacific DistrictAlaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington

Christine Chin Ryan

Christine Chin Ryan is currently in her first term on the National NOW Board of Directors Pacific District and serves on the NOW PAC, NOW Elections Committee Co-Chair, Re-Districting Committee, and served on a Grievance Committee. NOW President Christian Nunes and Christine facilitated “Break the Cycle: A Conversation About the Rise of Anti-APIA Racist Violence” on March 17, 2021, the day after the Atlanta GA spa shootings.

From May 2018 to present, Christine serves as President, NOW Oregon Chapter (Oregon NOW). Oregon NOW fought for Feminist Policy Priorities in Oregon’s capitol through our statewide Legislative Task Force (LTF). Our LTF prioritized policies in line with NOW values and members testified, submitted letters of support, attended lobby days and town hall meetings, and published op-eds and letters to the editor. We supported our feminist partner organizations and participated in coalitions that helped to pass meaningful policies, such as Paid Medical and Family Leave, Driver’s Licenses for All, Student Success Act, Preschool For All in Multnomah County (first in the nation), Healthy Homes Program within the Oregon Health Authority to offer grants to provide financial assistance to low-income households and landlords, Farmworker Overtime (first in the nation), Health Insurance coverage of fertility services and treatments, Insurers Reimbursement covering universal newborn nurse home visiting services, and Higher Education Institutions to adopt policies to combat sexual harassment, dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking.

We have supported efforts advocating a more equitable future since the election of 2016 galvanized communities to stand up, show up, and fight back! Oregon NOW participated in the International Human Rights Commission on Sex Work, Women’s March for Reproductive Freedom in response to the “Heartbeat bill” passing in Texas, hosted the virtual event for “No God like the Mother” book written by Oregon-based writer Kesha Ajose-Fisher, and organized a very successful youth activism workshop at the Asian American Youth Leadership Conference.

Before the COVID pandemic, we were proud to stand with our communities at the Walk with Immigrants and Refugees, National Period Day, the student-led Climate Strike, Lights for Liberty Vigil and showing up to calls for the ending of concentration camps at the border and to mourn the lives of those lost while encaged.

When Christine is not serving in any capacity for NOW, she is a business owner, consultant and community activist. Christine’s advocacy/activism includes currently serving as:
• Co-Founder and Board Chair, Asian and Pacific Islander Community Coalition of Oregon
• Chair, Portland Police Bureau APIA Advisory Council
• Asian American Unity Coalition Board of Governors
• Executive Vice Chair, Democratic National Committee Small Business Council

Christine’s former services include but not limited to:
• Interim President, Greater Portland (GP) NOW
• Secretary, GP NOW
• Member, Prosper Portland Council on Economic and Racial Equity
• Lead Organizer, 2021 NCLF “Unity Through Intersectionality: Shattering the Bamboo Ceiling” webinar
• Lead Organizer, 2020 NOW Sisters in Suffrage Recognizing Diversity 100th Year Anniversary of Women Suffrage virtual event
• Member, I-5 Rose Quarter DBE/OJT Community Opportunity Advisory Committee
• Member, City of Portland Small Business Minority Evaluator Program

Jerilyn Stapleton

In asking myself why I was running for the national board I realized, simply put, I want to be part of making life better for Women and Girls.

I’ve been a member of NOW since 1978 and consistently on the front lines in the ERA ratification battle, along with fighting for Reproductive Rights. Early in my NOW membership, I served on the Board for the Los Angeles Chapter and as Chair of both the Labor and Media committees. We were known as a very busy chapter, focused on raising money for the ERA with countless activities and providng escorts to area abortion clinics.

In 2005 I co-founded the Hollywood Chapter of NOW and spearheaded the support of legislative efforts such as ending the statute of limitations on rape and sexual assault in the state of California (which went into effect in 2017). I currently serve as the chapter’s Legislative Director.

As a current member of NOW’s Racial Justice Committee, I look forward to deepening my work on anti-racism issues like defeating the voter suppression laws proposed in many states and supporting Critical Race Theory ( CRT) in higher education. In recent years, I’ve worked on criminal justice reform legislation to reduce sentencing laws, police brutality, and the recidivism rate, all to end mass incarceration.

As a former appointed member to the Global Feminist Strategies and Issues Ad Hoc Committee, I supported the committee’s 2008 resolutions which included: the creation of the International Women’s Issues Institute; the calls for a Global Feminist Strategies track at the 2009 NOW Annual Conference; the partnership of NOW in the Girls In Kenya project to stop female genital mutilation (FGM) and other injustices; and the resolution to Restore Peace And Dignity To Indigenous Women, which called for support of the International Council of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers and their work to secure Tribal Nations land under their sole jurisdiction, halt proposed uranium mining on Oglala Lakota Nation lands, and stop the destruction of the Black Hills of South Dakota, a sacred ceremonial sanctuary for the Lakota Nation. I support the current resolution of the Global Feminist Strategies and Issues Ad Hoc Committee for a U.S. Feminist Foreign Policy Campaign.

As the creator of the CA NOW Media Reform Committee, I have been working for several years on the goals set forth in The Motion Picture Association of America Must Worn Mover-Goers About Rape & Ending Violence, Racism, Heterosexism/Homophobia, ableism, ageism and sexism in the Music Industry resolutions. I will look forward to working on Immigration, IVAWA, ending the War and Violence Against Women.

We have our work cut out for us in 2022, getting the ERA finally into the Constitution and defending Reproductive Rights & Justice. I feel I have a lot of knowledge and experience to contribute to the National Board.

Southern DistrictAlabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee


Mother, Wife of a Iraq War Veteran, Veteran (US Army – Active and Reserves), and Doctorate, at the heart of her ministry is the founder of  The Susan Jolley Awareness Program, which brings awareness  and education to all women on the impact and prevention  of cervical cancer and those cancers  that effects women. Triana believes  that “often times women are so busy doing for others, that we put ourselves  including our health, on the back burner.” Her motto is  “when we know better, we do better” and launched the “Pencil Me In” Challenge.

Mrs. Arnold-James advocated the legislature  and co-authors the resolution for Medicaid Expansion  for the State of Georgia. This cause along with the ERA Equal Rights Amendment , Cervical/Ovarian cancer, Lupus, Bethematch.org, American Kidney Foundation, racial justice, reproductive rights, nullifying domestic violence and Total Praise Ministries are near and dear to her heart which also assist in her life purpose. Further, the Pencil Me In Challenge is to encourage women to make themselves a priority. Triana is also the host of several shows, Lunchtime Tea, Conversation with the Crown and The New Styles of the City, produced by Diva Entertainment, bringing the latest news and stories that affects the world. Mrs. Arnold James is a member of the Global Humanitarian Delegates for her work and representation for the United States of America on the global stage. She continues her work on the advancement of women rights, equal rights, making sure that every American has health insurance, essential supplies to those in need, evangelize to the masses, medical equipment to impoverished communities across the seas and ensuring the voiceless has a voice. Triana Arnold-James, invites the public to join her efforts throughout the State of Georgia, the United States and the International Community as her  journey in celebrating the diversity that makes America unique. God, Family, engaged to her endeavors, and a representation for ALL women is her high priority.

Her latest commitment, Triana is the President of Georgia National Organization for Women, National Board member of NOW representing the Southern District and in 2022, appointed as the National Chair for Ending Violence Against Women and author of the Resolution Bill forming Ahmaud Arbery Day.

Triana Arnold-James holds firm to her foundational scripture: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6 

B J Star

Thinking about my first NOW meeting always makes me smile. Warmly welcomed, the energy infectious, I joined immediately; The members taught, I absorbed, my life forever changed; I’ve refined those feminist-activist basics into 21st-Century intersectional activism, highlighting our Core Issues: daily digital postings, Speeches, Tabling, Recruiting, Convening; Outreach, Women’s Prison projects, Community Pay Equity events, Forced sterilization film broadcasts with South Carolina NOW, Shared meetings.

A Lifetime NOW Member; I teach Online Medicine-Abortion Classes; President West Pinellas NOW; Reproductive Rights TF; Florida NOW Climate Change Chair; Charter member, National NOW Asian-American Caucus; profiled in “Feminists Who Changed America;” Awarded “Veteran Feminists of America Medal of Honor;”

My Bachelors, Masters and Law Degree, facilitate my Chapter, Board fiduciary duties and National Committee work: Budget, Elections, Investments, Conference Planning, S&P.

External Issues & Ideas: ERA, Reproductive Rights, Racial Justice, LGBTQIA+, VAWA; Mobilize a 2022 National Feminist Election Strategy: well-funded Independent Expenditure Campaigns for dynamic member election engagement; State elections, reproductive rights, SCOTUS, updates, assistance; Toolkits.

Internally, Chapters/States ask for: Accurate membership lists, accessible 24/7; Re-engineered Rebate System; Timely two-way communication between states/chapters/NAC; More transparency; Extended Board meeting Member participation, Board Report availability; Board member full District membership lists; Website and virtual to in-person meeting transition assistance;

I bring a fresh, well-seasoned voice to the Board. 40+years of Institutional Memory creates a unique type of diversity. I’m hardworking, smart, dedicated to Feminism, Southern District, NOW and You. I’m asking for your vote. Please re-elect me to the Board.

Respectfully submitted,
B J Star

Terry Sanders

My passion is women’s rights and women’s issues. As a teenager I remember arguing with older men about how women should have equal rights to men and was called a “Women’s libber”. I joined the National Organization for Women and subscribed to MS. Magazine back when the magazine first started. After focusing on my career for many years, I was so moved after the death of abortion provider Dr. Tiller in 2009 and joined the local Brevard chapter of NOW to help make a difference. I have been actively involved in many conferences, workshops, rallies and inter-organizational groups working on supporting women’s rights. As Florida NOW President, I managed our budget, communications with chapters, organized our annual conferences, and spoke around the state at various meetings and for multiple organizations. We worked hard making connections with Legislators and influencing bills in Florida. Florida NOW is a respected partner to other progressive organizations in Florida. While serving as President of Brevard NOW we received a public service award from the Space Coast Progressive Alliance for our work helping Serene Harbor, the local domestic violence shelter. As Legislative Director for Florida NOW I helped defeat the 2013 alimony bill. That bill brought Florida NOW national coverage when Representative Workman identified Florida NOW as a strong influence in defeating the bill, much to his dismay and my delight. I have met with representatives in Tallahassee and always kept the membership up to date on the latest bills and progress.

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