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Mrs. America Episode 9 – The Finale

The popular Hulu series Mrs. America is reinvigorating discussions on the women’s movement of the 1970s, the battle for the Equal Rights Amendment, and the political legacy we continue to grapple with to this day. Like everyone watching this series, NO Read more...

Mrs. America – Episode 8 “Houston”

While Mrs. America gives its viewers plenty of fiercely feminist characters to fall in love with, my favorite character on the show is Alice Macray. She may be fictional, a conglomeration of several Phyllis Schlafly’s followers, but to me she Read more...

Mrs. America – Episode 7 “Bella”

I remember seeing this image in newspapers. “YOU’RE A TRAITOR TO YOU SEX FOR WAGING WAR AGAINST WOMEN” the pie slinger yelled. I was 14. Episode 7 opens with Phyllis Schlafly speaking at a luncheon. You can see her daughter and friend are uncomfortable Read more...