Kate Millett, Ground-Breaking Feminist Writer, Is Dead at 82

The “Sexual Politics” project, Ms. Millett told Time, “got bigger and bigger until I was almost making a political philosophy.”

10 Simple Ways White People Can Step Up to Fight Everyday Racism

Learning about the history of racial oppression in America is an important step toward understanding why many people of color have a hard time trusting white people.

Ten Ways to Fight Hate

The Southern Poverty Law Center shares a community resource guide for responding to hate.

Who Does Affirmative Action Benefit? White Women Are Some of Its Biggest Opponents

Affirmative action ensures that women and minorities have equal access to educational opportunities and provide opportunities for women to enter nontraditional occupations. Yet ironically, since affirmative action was first implemented, “the people suing universities for discrimination in the academic admissions process have been white women,” according to researcher Jessie McDaniel in a 2014 report for the Racism Review.

Some of Us Are Brave: Radical Black Care is the Revolution

History has proven that no one is going to protect, nurture, or advocate for Black women and girls but us— Not the Democratic Party to which we are more loyal than any other voting bloc. Not the school systems that suspend Black girls at alarming numbers. Not white feminists who often forget that we are women too. Not the patriarchal Black church that prospers on the backs of faithful sisters. Not the Black community that is still making excuses for one Mr. Robert Kelly and too many men just like him.