Latina Equal Pay Day: How Employers Can Close the Pay Gap

According to Nunes equal pay “isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s the best investment we can make”.

Around 10 of the women who accused Deshaun Watson of sexual misconduct expected to attend Cleveland Browns debut

“What happens so often is people try to share, victim blame, silence, and erase victims and survivors of violence and abuse,” Nunes told CNN

Deshaun Watson’s return with Browns a black-eye day for NFL

“I think most people are gonna be outraged about it, and I think people should be outraged about it,” National Organization for Women president Christian Nunes told Serby Says.

Deshaun Watson set to make Browns debut in Houston; accusers to attend game

Christian F. Nunes, the president of the National Organization for Women, said in a statement: “If it is truly serious about change, the NFL must address the endemic misogyny that enables and rewards serial predators like Watson. Fines and suspensions are performative, empty, short-term penalties designed to protect the bottom line more than women’s lives. While Watson’s return to the field may signal a return to the status quo for many, we cannot allow these women’s voices, nor the traumas they have experienced to be forgotten.”

National feminist organizations break their silence on Amber Heard in an open letter of support

“We cannot silence victims by using courts and lawsuits as a way to retraumatize them, because this is what’s happening” ~ Christian F. Nunes