US Supreme Court hears challenges to Texas abortion ban

“Threats to our bodily autonomy and reproductive healthcare are still rampant, and politicians are still using the courts to impose an ultra-conservative and misogynist agenda to dominate and control women’s lives,” the National Organization for Women said in a statement last month.

The ‘crisis moment’ is here: Why women are quitting work for good

For many women, this September seems to have been a turning point, explains Ms. Nunes. “The fact September saw so many women leave the workforce shows the difficulty many are facing balancing the shift in caregiving arrangements as their children go back to school,” she says.

Sacarse el condón sin permiso de la pareja será delito en California

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Why We Need the Freedom To Vote Act

Our present-day system of politics was born out of the racist power struggle that emerged during Reconstruction when Black voting power was an existential threat to politics as usual.

US prepares for Supreme Court showdown on abortion rights

“This is a critical time for women,” said Christian Nunes, president of the National Organization for Women (NOW), a grassroots feminist advocacy group founded in 1966 that champions abortion rights.