High Court Tackles Trump-Set Barriers to Free Contraception

• The National Organization for Women said in a statement Wednesday that religious views do not excuse bigotry against half the population. Covered contraception is more than a theory: Tens of millions of women cannot afford birth control unsubsidized, according to the group’s research. “What’s more, unintended pregnancy is deadly,” the women’s group said. “It is closely correlated with infant mortality, maternal mortality and increased risk of domestic violence homicide.”

Democrats and Republicans pushing to increase turnout of women voters

“The wave is coming. It’s not just the blue wave, it’s the pink wave,” Toni Van Pelt, president of the National Organization for Women, said.

Commentary — PRO: Sexism didn’t defeat Elizabeth Warren — but it sure tried

The media likes to ask the women candidates about sexism. But it hasn’t been willing to look inward about how the media is one of the roots of sexism in politics.

Louisiana abortion case heard by Supreme Court

“This law isn’t about legal access to abortion,” Hawkins said. “This law is about whether or not abortion clinics should be held to the same safety standards as other surgical facilities throughout the state of Louisiana.”

ALERT: Contact Your Senators – VAWA must be Reauthorized 

We know this alert is a bit long – but it is VERY IMPORTANT as Violence Against Women programs could be weakened and under-funded by the Republican-controlled Senate.  ACTION: Please call your senators, especially if they are Republicans, and ask them