National Organization for Women President Christian Nunes

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has finally resigned–but the National Organization for Women has been calling for that since the reports of his alleged sexual harassment first emerged. NOW President Christian Nunes joins today to discuss the governor’s

These key quotes from Cuomo’s resignation speech show he still needs to take more responsibility

“Any person, regardless of if you’re a father or if you have daughters, should know that this behavior is unacceptable,” Nunes said. “Just having daughters is not enough justification for you to say, ‘I’m empathetic,’ because you still did it.”

National Organization for Women calls for Cuomo resignation

“NOW salutes the brave women who told their truth to investigators. There must be consequences. NOW supports ongoing civil action against Andrew Cuomo or any criminal referrals that may emerge from this report. Andrew Cuomo has forfeited any right to call himself a leader — he needs to leave, now.”

Why Black women’s wage gap is a problem for everyone

“When women are doing the same work as men, there should be no pay gap at all, said Christian F. Nunes, the national president of the National Organization for Women. “The cost of rent, cost of living—life costs the same—and so we should not be creating more hardship on women because of their gender,” Nunes said.