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Allies in Equality—Him and Her for Each Other

By Leora Lihach, President’s Office Intern As the millennial generation begins to take center stage in the world, the feminist movement is at risk of severely slowing down. Too many young adults believe that feminism is off-limits to men and a dangerous word for women—”the f-word”, a word that could mean anything in the realm of… Read more »

Transgender Awareness Week

By Aurea Bolaños Perea, President’s Assistant Intern   (source: Transgender: an umbrella term for people whose gender identity and/or gender expression differs from what is typically associated with the sex they were assigned at birth. People under this umbrella may describe themselves using one or more terms (trans, transgender man or transgender woman). Transgender identity… Read more »

ISSUE ADVISORY: Equality Act Would Ensure Equal Treatment for LGBTQIA Persons and Women

Now that marriage equality is the law of the land, the National Organization for Women and allies are re-directing our attention to a persistent and troublesome problem: widespread discrimination against LGBTQIA persons. Unfortunately, 31 states do not have fully-inclusive non-discrimination laws that address the many forms of discrimination encountered by LGBTQIA persons; 28 states permit employers to fire someone because they are gay or bisexual. NOW has campaigned for many years for passage of a comprehensive bill that would prohibit such unequal treatment

Disney, Swords, and Gender Identity

“Are you a he/she?” “Umm…a what?” “You know! A he/she? A boy and a girl.” “No. I don’t think so…I just have a deep voice I guess.” “Oh. You look like a he/she.” When I was in elementary school, other children had no idea how to label me. I dressed how they saw boys dress:… Read more »

Supreme Court Victory: Marriage Equality in all States

Today is a historic day! The Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry. It is great day for same-sex couples and for the United States to finally recognize that all loving, committed couples have an equal right to marry. Same-sex couples and their families will now have the respect that… Read more »

Love Triumphs Over Bigotry

Today the U.S. Supreme Court made history, recognizing in Obergefell v. Hodges the constitutional right of same-sex couples to marry. NOW chapters and activists who have worked tirelessly for years to achieve this amazing milestone are celebrating with their allies in the LGBTQIA community.

ISSUE ADVISORY – Upcoming U.S. Supreme Court Decision on Marriage Equality

Update: The Status of Marriage Equality – By the end of June (Pride month), the U.S. Supreme Court will announce their decision regarding the constitutional status of marriage equality. Currently, there is marriage equality in 37 states and the District of Columbia and 13 states that prohibit marriage equality. In January, the U.S. Supreme Court granted review for cases from four states –Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee. These cases were in the appeals process after the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals overturned district court rulings after their marriage bans were struck down.

National Organization for Women (NOW) Condemns Governor Jindal’s “Marriage and Conscience” Executive Order

The National Organization for Women (NOW) condemns Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s Executive Order BJ 15-8, a measure that uses religion to justify discrimination and denial of basic rights to same-sex couples. NOW has decided not to cancel our annual national conference in New Orleans June 19 – 21, despite Governor Jindal’s homophobic action.