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What You Need to Know About the Sexual Abuse to Prison Pipeline

By Angela Myers, Communications Intern The juvenile justice system is criminalizing sexual assault victims. In our juvenile justice system, many, if not most, of the young women placed in the juvenile justice system are victims of sexual abuse. Although in the last 20 years the amount of youths placed in the juvenile system has gone… Read more »

How Many Women are in Prison for Defending Themselves Against Domestic Violence?

We know Marissa Alexander’s name, but there are countless other abuse survivors behind prison walls whose names and stories we do not know. We actually do not know how many women are imprisoned for defending themselves against their abusers. No agency or organization seems to keep track of this information.

30 Days In Prison Is Enough for Rapist, Defense Attorneys Say

Montana NOW is protesting a Montana judge’s decision to sentence a teacher to only 30 days in jail for raping a student. The sentence is so light likely because of the illusion of shared blame promoted in the courtroom, as Judge G. Todd Baugh insisted the victim “appeared older than her chronological age” and “was… Read more »

The Secret Weapon in the Prison Phone Rate Fight? Familes

Jamilah King writes for Colorlines: “Radio producer Nick Szuberla had an agenda when he moved from Toldeo, Ohio, to Whitesburgh, Ky. in the late 1990s. He wanted to bring attention to the country’s rapid prison expansion, a tide that was snatching up mos…

Good News in Mississippi: School-To-Prison Pipeline Closes

Brentin Mock writes for Colorlines: “The sealing of the school-to-prison pipeline in Meridian, Miss. has officially started after a U.S. District Court judge approved what the Department of Justice is calling ‘a landmark consent decree’ that features a ‘…

Truth About Prison Phones

Clarissa Ramon of Public Knowledge writes on Huffington Post: “There are roughly 2.7 million children with one or more parents in the incarceration system in the U.S. today. As a result of this, these children are more likely to experience poverty and un…

The Movement to Stop Prisons From Shackling Women in Labor Builds

Miriam Zoila Pérez writing for Colorline:”Women who are locked up when they give birth often end up delivering at local hospitals, transported by prison guards who ultimately decide when and if a woman will be shackled. During transport, in the vehicle,…

Still Seeking Justice: Scott Sisters Freed From Prison But Not Free

RH Reality Check’s Rachel Roth writes a thoughtful analysis of the Mississippi case of two African American sisters: “The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. devoted his life to the struggle for equality and justice. The Scott sisters’ ordeal stands in star…