What Women Want:

By NOW President Patricia Ireland

WHAT WOMEN WANT by Patricia Ireland (now available as a Plume Paperback for $12.95 or as a hardback from Dutton for $23.95)
Purchase What Women Want  Patricia Ireland follows a long tradition of women who have paved their own way in the world. In WHAT WOMEN WANT, Ireland speaks frankly about her own journey to discovering empowerment both political and personal: from being a teenage bride and a flight attendant for Pan American Airlines, to becoming a successful corporate lawyer and the leader of the country's largest organization for women's rights. She discusses how important it is that women answer the question "What do I want?" and go after it with everything they have. A feminist warrior in the tradition of Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Patricia Ireland reminds us of what has been won, what is imperiled by the conservative political climate, and what must still be done. 

At a time when the future seems uncertain, many women want to know how to fight back and achieve power and control over their own lives. Patricia Ireland stands as an unparalleled role model and leader. WHAT WOMEN WANT is an articulate, inspiring, and convincing testament from the paramount voice in feminist politics.

"No journey could be more inspiring than Patricia Ireland's." 
  • Gloria Steinem
"Intensely action-oriented, Ireland relates her growing awareness of discrimination against women in the airline industry, legal profession and political sphere." 
  • Utne Reader
The perfect gift for a young woman . . . who does not yet realize what Patricia Ireland . . . won for her, and at what price." 
  • New York Times Book Review

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