NOW Reader Survey

Winter 1999 - Female Heroes


There's been a lot of talk this past year about John Glenn being an "American Hero. "But what about women like Jerrie Cobb who have the right stuff but are not exhalted to the same level as male heroes? In honor of Cobb and the other women who lead the way, here's your opportunity to tell us about the sheroes you admire most.

1.  What do you think makes someone a shero?

2.  What woman in your own life is your shero?  Why?

3.  When you were growing up what female role model most influenced you?  Why?

4.  What woman in history is your shero?  Why?

5.  What current woman in public life is a true shero?  Why?


Please give us your name, and city and state where you live (in case we quote you):

E-mail Address:


Thanks for helping NOW measure the pulse of our members and other feminist readers. You can fill out the form here or mail your answers to National NOW Times Survey, 733 15th Street NW, 2nd Floor, Washington, D.C. 20005.

The results to this survey will be published in the next issue - watch your mailbox! Click here for the results of the Fall 98 survey on Body Images.


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