NOW Reader Survey Fall 2000
National NOW Times

In this issue of the National NOW Times (NNT), we've devoted our survey to finding out what members and other readers think of NOW's newspaper. The NNT is produced, first and foremost, as a member newspaper-the main source of information on NOW, its issues and actions. We want to provide members with the content you want in a style that makes you look forward to receiving each issue. We also want to reach out to readers who may be new to NOW and its issues.

Please think about the way you read the NNT and give feedback on these questions. Even if you rarely read the NNT, or if this is the first issue you've ever seen, let us know that, too, and answer as many questions as possible.

1. What do you read first? Do you usually read the NNT from front to back, or do you skip around depending on the subject of the articles? Do you eventually read the entire issue?

2. What draws your attention most to an article-photographs? the headline? the issue being covered? the highlighted quotes?

3. What are your favorite features? What topics do you like to see covered?

4. What kind of articles are you unlikely to read?

5. What's missing from the NNT that you'd like to see?

6. Do you prefer short articles that give an overview on an issue or focus on current events, or longer articles that provide more in-depth background?

7. Do you like the newspaper format or would you prefer to see a more magazine-like format?

8. How long do you keep an issue of the NNT? Do you ever pass it on to a friend?

9. Do you look at the advertisements? Do you read the classified ads? Are you more inclined to buy a product advertised in the NNT than in mainstream publications?

10. Have you started reading the NNT online? If so, do you still find advantages to receiving the paper copy?

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Thank you!