NOW Reader Survey

Winter 2000 : Woman-Positive Media

As NOW works to make the media a better place for women and girls, it's helpful to talk about the kind of content we want to see.  Take some time and think about examples of woman-positive media.  If you can't think of five items for each question, that's okay—send us your survey regardless.

1.  List your five favorite television shows—or episodes of those shows—of all time (including shows no longer on the air) that portray women in an honest way:

2.  What would you say are the five best movies of all time about women and/or girls?

3.  List five newspapers or magazines that cover women's issues well:

4.  What two radio programs or stations do a good job of addressing women's concerns?

5.  Name your five favorite pro-woman/girl web sites:

Please give us your name, and city and state where you live (in case we quote you):

E-mail Address:

Thanks for helping NOW measure the pulse of our readers. The results of this survey will be published in the next issue of the National NOW Times.

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