National NOW Times

Winter 2000

Taking Action

  • World March of Women Kick-Off March 8
  • Love Your Body Day Set for September 20
  • The Voices of Marching Activists Call for Real Answers to Poverty 
  • NOW Unites with Breast Cancer Groups for Research on Causes and Prevention 
  • NOW Acts
  • Elections

  • Victory in Maine Just the Beginning for Feminists 
  • Lesbian and Gay Rights in Danger in California
  • Just the Facts: A Series on the Presidential Candidates 
  • Reader Survey Results: Fall 1999 -- Elections
  • Events in 2000

  • 2000 Calendar: Year Ahead is Action-Packed for Feminists 
  • Feminist Expo 2000 Looks to the Future 
  • Join With Women From Around the World to Talk Health
  • Regional NOW Conferences 
  • Media Activism

  • On May 7 Media Activists Say "Watch Out Listen Up" 
  • Woman-Positive Media Survey
  • Legislative/Judicial News

  • Viewpoint: Fathers Count Bill: Warm and Fuzzy or Cold and Calculated?
  • Feminists Take CEDAW Into Our Own Hands 
  • Vermont Grants Same-Sex Marriage Rights 
  • Legislative Update: Year Ends With More Setbacks for Women 
  • Fathers Count Bill to Fund Men's Custody Movement 
  • NOW

  •  New Brochure Highlights Reproductive Rights at a Crucial Time
  •  Proposed Bylaws Amendment 
  •  Stocking Up: A Tax-Wise Way to Put In Your 2 Cents 


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