Stocking Up: A Tax-Wise Way to Put In Your 2 Cents

by Gabrielle Taylor, Marketing Specialist

No question, the recent economy has been good to some while others are asking, What prosperity?  After several years of a bull market, we hope at least a few NOW members have seen gains in their portfolios.  This opportunity is for those fortunate feminists whose financial investments have paid off.

Did you know that by making a special gift of stock that has increased in value, you can share your good fortune and invest in the future of our movement, while saving substantial taxes on capital gains?

It's true, and many wise investors, like Dr. Bayard T. Storey of Philadelphia, Pa., consider appreciated securities the most effective way to give: "There is so much money behind the right wing.  But there are funds and profits on our side, too.  To mount a reasonable opposition, we must do something.  Stock gifts are the best way to get large contributions into the fight."

When appreciated stock is donated to the NOW Foundation, you receive a tax deduction for the full, current value and owe no capital gains tax on the increased value.  In many cases, this allows you to make a much more substantial gift than you could afford as a cash donation, and it's a smart way to realize the full market value of your investment.  Unlike cash, which typically has already been reduced by an income tax, gifts of appreciated stock avoid taxes making such gifts especially attractive.

Giving stocks can be just as easy as writing a check, and sometimes even more gratifying for the donor.  Your financial manager can map out your options and help you decide what strategy will best suit your needs and wishes.  We know that donors' reasons for giving are as diverse as each of us as individuals, and NOW Foundation will work with your tax and legal advisor(s) to meet both your financial and philanthropic goals.

For more information about gifts of stock to NOW Foundation, or about providing for our future work through your will or trust, call Kim Gandy at 202-628-8669, ext. 126.

June 2002 update: If you have any questions about supporting NOW, please give us a call at 202-628-8669. NOW Gift Planning Director Liz Gilchrist (ext. 112) will be able to answer your questions. Also, more information on easy and effective ways to support NOW is available on our website.

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