New Brochure Highlights Reproductive Rights at a Crucial Time

by Rebecca Farmer, Communications Associate

NOW is releasing a new brochure for state and chapter organizers to use in membership recruitment and public education.  "Together We Can Win Reproductive Freedom" promises to be an effective resource for the Roe v. Wade anniversary and a busy election year.  The brochure will be ready in time for Jan. 22 actions.

This new brochure highlights issues such as clinic violence, mifepristone (RU-486), abortion procedures bans and other anti-reproductive rights legislation, birthing choices, the effects of limited access to abortion and contraception and reproductive issues facing young women.

"NOW inspired me to become a clinic escort in my hometown to help protect women's reproductive freedom," says Cynthia Wang, a student at Smith College and former NOW intern. Wang joins five other women pictured and quoted in the brochure.

Rebecca Walker, co-founder of the Third Wave Foundation, is featured in the new brochure.

The newest in a series of brochures which introduce prospective members to NOW's issues, the reproductive freedom brochure encourages taking action to create change. Other brochures include an overview of feminist issues, disability rights, violence against women, lesbian rights, ending racism and issues for young feminists. Spanish language versions of the feminism overview and racism brochures are also available. All brochures contain a membership application and space to provide local chapter contact information. Chapters can order copies of the new brochure by connecting to, by sending an e-mail or by calling the National Action Center at 202-628-8669, extension 128.

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