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Action Vice President Melody Drnach in front of the Supreme Court War Against Reproductive Rights Surges Through States

The battle we predicted would follow the confirmations of Supreme Court Justices John Roberts and Samuel Alito arrived on March 6, when South Dakota Gov. Mike Rounds signed a law with the specific intent of challenging and overturning Roe v. Wade.

N.Y. to Host Young Feminist Summit & 40th Anniversary Conference

NOW activists will have a full schedule of enticing workshops, plenary sessions with amazing speakers and a special birthday celebration when we meet in downtown Albany, New York from July 21-23 to honor NOW's 40th Anniversary at the annual conference.

NOW Mourns Foremothers of Feminist, Civil Rights Movements

NOW lost five good friends and tireless activists for women in the past year: Betty Friedan, Coretta Scott King, Judith Lightfoot, Rosa Parks and C. DeLores Tucker.

Mothers and Caregivers Economic Rights Campaign Gains Momentum

NOW members passed an important resolution, "NOW Values Mothers' and Caregivers' Economic Rights," at the 2005 national NOW conference in Nashville. The resolution, which recounts NOW's longstanding work on economic justice for caregivers, calls for rededicating ourselves to the struggle to secure these rights.

NOW Steps In to Defuse "Mommy Wars" Myth

The media have been buzzing lately with dispatches from the so-called "Mommy Wars." Books, articles and TV shows are taking sides and encouraging moms to slug it out over who's doing the right thing for their family. By pitting two groups of hardworking women, stay-at-home moms and employed moms, against each other, they are diverting attention from the very real issues all moms and caregivers face.

Feminists Foresee '06 Victories

The National Organization for Women's Political Action Committee intends to seize every opportunity to support candidates who challenge the right wing and are champions of women's rights. There are currently only 14 female senators—and it is clear that we must send them reinforcements.

Viewpoint: Father's Rights ... and Wrongs

The good news as Father's Day approaches is that more and more men are sharing duties on the home front. The bad news is that groups claiming to represent fathers are really out to restrict women's options.

NOW Rallies with Immigrant Groups to Block "Cruel" Reform

Millions of immigrants and proponents of immigrant rights took to the streets in April and May to protest attempts by Congress to "reform" current immigration laws with cruel and punitive proposals. NOW alerted members to oppose the bills, saying the arguments are racist and isolationist and fail to recognize the humanity and value of immigrant workers and families who contribute to our nation's economy and society.

NOW se une a los defensores de los derechos de los inmigrantes

Millones de inmigrantes y defensores de sus derechos se tomaron las calles en abril y mayo para protestar contra los intentos del Congreso de "reformar" las leyes actuales de inmigración con propuestas crueles y punitivas. La Organización Nacional para las Mujeres (NOW, en inglés) emitió declaraciones y difundió acciones de alerta entre sus miembras, en oposición a los proyectos de ley a medida que éstos surgían de los comités, manifestando que el debate en cuestión es "racista y aislacionista" y desconoce los valores humanos de los trabajadores inmigrantes y de sus familias, y su contribución a la economía y a la sociedad de nuestra nación.

NOW Co-Sponsors International Women’s Day Delegation to Venezuela

In March 2006, NOW Executive Vice President Olga Vives had an opportunity to travel to Venezuela with an International Women's Day delegation co-sponsored by NOW, Global Exchange, and the U.S. Women and Cuba Collaboration. It was our goal to develop relationships with women's groups working on issues of poverty, violence against women and economic empowerment.

Lesbian Rights: From Legislation to Action

Women and men have a right to equal treatment under the law and that includes the civil right to marry the person they love. NOW activists will be sending messages to members of the Senate about all of the legislation below, making visits to senators in their district offices, and coming to Washington, D.C. to share NOW's message that a woman's right to independence and self-determination includes the right to define and express her own sexuality and to choose her own lifestyle, free from discrimination and harassment.

High Court Overturns Injunction that Curbed Clinic Violence

A legal fight that spanned 20 years ended on Feb. 28, 2006, when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in NOW v. Scheidler that a federal racketeering law could not be used against those who organized violence aimed at closing women's health clinics.

Get Up! Get Out! Get Going! To NOW's Young Feminist Summit

This summer we will come together at NOW's Young Feminist Summit, July 21, to discuss the issues in today's feminist world, share success stories and stories of struggle, and claim our place in the upcoming battles for social justice and equality for all women.

Philadelphia NOW Holds Riveting Women of Color and Allies Summit

Organizing women of color and allies summits in different regions is a major step toward NOW's goal to strengthen connections and alliances with women of color. With the invigorating theme "Empowerment: an Inward and Outward Journey for Women of Color," Philadelphia NOW held an action-packed Women of Color and Allies Summit on March 17-18, 2006.

Florida NOW Takes Action for Pro-Choice License Plates

Orlando NOW is mobilizing to win approval of a pro-choice specialty license plate in Florida. After years of seeing only the "Choose Life" plates on the roads, Orlando NOW started a statewide campaign for a license plate with the opposing view.

Equality Action Fund Donors Support NOW'S Work

Over the past year, NOW's monthly giving program, the Equality Action Fund, has grown by leaps and bounds. Equality Action Partners make a monthly contribution to NOW, and these gifts provide a vital, reliable income that allows NOW to take immediate action whenever the need arises.

NOW Foundation Benefits from Combined Federal Campaign

Current and retired federal employees can make tax-deductible contributions to the National Organization for Women Foundation (NOW Foundation) through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) workplace giving program.

NOW Foundation to Recognize Intrepid Women at Annual Gala

NOW and the NOW Foundation's fourth annual Intrepid Awards gala is coming up on Thursday, Sept. 14, 2006. The gala will honor four extraordinary women whose lives epitomize the dictionary definition of the word "intrepid"—resolutely courageous, fearless and bold.

Young Feminists Tune In, Turn Out for Reproductive Freedom

Emily Reynolds, NOW's Coordinator of Young Feminist Programs, and NOW Field Organizer Erin Hanna drove 1,600 miles, stopping at 17 colleges and universities across four states. Their tour was called "Access Denied:  Fighting for Our Rights" and they spoke to hundreds of young women and men about the threats to women's bodies, rights and lives.

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