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In this Issue

Join the World and March for Women
Call for an End to Poverty and Violence Against Women

NOW Foundation Makes a WISH for Women's Health
Assistant Surgeon General Dr. Susan Blumenthal will be the keynote speaker at the Women's International Symposium on Health (WISH).

NOW's Bush-Whacker Campaign Heats Up
According to the Random House Dictionary, to "whack" is to "strike with a smart, resounding blow." That's exactly what delegates at the National NOW Conference in Miami directed the organization to do to George W. Bush's presidential campaign with the passage of a Bush-Whacking resolution.

Feminists Organize and Strategize Under the Sun at 2000 National NOW Conference in Miami Beach, Florida
On June 30, NOW activists from across the country hit Miami Beach, Fla., with much more than sun and sand on their minds. The 2000 National NOW Conference, held at the Fontainebleau Hilton, was an intense three day event that aimed to educate, energize and empower all of those in attendance.

NOW Names Kane New Action Vice President
At its June 27, 2000, meeting NOW's National Board selected Loretta Kane, by acclamation, the organization's new Action Vice President.

Love Your Body Day Promotes Positive Body Images
Mark your calendars NOW! On Wednesday, Sept. 20, 2000, the NOW Foundation will celebrate the third annual Love Your Body Day.

George W. Bush's "no litmus test" choice of Dick Cheney as his running mate is clear confirmation of the policies he would promote and the nominations he would make to an already closely divided U.S. Supreme Court, if he were president.

Molly Ivins Digs Up Bush's Texas Roots
"Shrub: The Short But Happy Political Life of George W. Bush" by Molly Ivins and Lou Dubose, Random House

NOW Members Call for FDA Approval of Mifepristone (RU?486) for Abortion, Cancer and Other Treatments
At NOW's National Conference this summer, members unanimously passed a resolution calling on "the President of the United States and Jane Henney, the Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), to expeditiously approve mifepristone (RU-486), without unnecessary restrictions that interfere with women's health care, the practice of medicine or life-saving scientific research."

Supreme Court Shows Vulnerability with Close Decisions
During the last term of the 20th century, the Supreme Court made it clear that women's equal rights still need to be guaranteed in our Constitution.

TV's Fall Lineup: Progress or Problematic for Women?
NOW put primetime network television programming in the spotlight with the May release of the Watch Out, Listen Up! results. Cheers and jeers went out to ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC based on program content.

Is the Fathers' Rights Movement the Next Big Threat to Women's Equality? Two Reasons the Answer May Be Yes
The next serious threat to women's rights in the United States may come from the respectable-sounding movements to protect fathers' rights and promote marriage.

Worldwide Tragedy: U.S. Not Immune to Sexual Slavery
While people may think sex trafficking is not a domestic problem, federal immigration officials say trade in slaves and indentured servants for prostitution and other labor in the United States is tragically common.

No Re-Authorization for Violence Act; Senate Passes Inclusive Hate Crimes Legislation-Moves to House
Thousands of Shelters Could Lose Funding
It's back to square one on re-authorization of the Violence Against Women Act (H.R. 1248) now that Congress has recessed for the summer without taking a vote on this critically important bill.

NOW Revitalizes Chapters in Key Areas Across the U.S.
The grassroots of NOW rock! NOW chapters and state organizations are filled with some of the most wonderful, hardworking volunteers on the planet.

The Joy of Joining Your Local NOW Chapter
Each of the 500 chapters of the National Organization for Women dreams great dreams. NOW's grassroots strength is, and always has been, its secret weapon.

Women-Friendly Legal Help Not Easy to Find
More than 20 women a week contact NOW's National Action Center seeking legal advice and referrals on issues ranging from domestic violence and family law to sexual harassment and job discrimination.

Women and Social Security Impact Presidential Race
Perhaps no election issue is more critical to women and their families than Social Security. A Washington Post/ABC News Poll last fall reported that 95 percent of women said Social Security will be important or very important to them in choosing this year's presidential winner.

2000 National NOW Conference Resolutions

Dr. Laura Schlessinger: How Dangerous is She? Read Dr. Laura in Her Own Words and YOU Decide.
Starting this September, radio host Dr. Laura Schlessinger is taking her soap-box and her show tothe small screen. With Paramount Domestic Television syndicating her upcoming television show, Dr. Laura has a new-and potentially larger-venue to continue spreading her angry rhetoric.

NOW, Nadler Unite Against "Honor Killings"
What is the price of a family's honor? Sometimes, it's a woman's life.

NOW Acts
This spring and summer, NOW chapters throughout the country picketed FOX network affiliates, protested at federal buildings after the Supreme Court's ruling in the Brzonkala case participated in June's annual Gay Pride events and organized on key local issues.

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