Laura Irene Wayne: Celebrating Women Through Art

by Melissa DePaul, NOW Intern

Laura Wayne's artworkLaura Wayne's artwork for the 1998 Women of Color and Allies Summit.

If you attended the Women of Color and Allies Summit last year in Washington, D.C., than you are sure to have seen the artwork of Laura Wayne. Wayne designed the official logo of the Summit which appeared on flyers and in advertisements used to build attendance. At the event, the colorful logo decorated program books, t-shirts and totebags.

Wayne is a multimedia artist and poet whose work has been exhibited internationally and who frequently designs for women's organizations. Wayne's affiliation with NOW started over six years ago, and she acknowledges the support, appreciation and inspiration her friends at NOW have given to her art. "Designing for NOW is a way of not only giving back to sistahood but a chance to empower and celebrate womyn through my images," said Wayne.

The logo she created for the Women of Color and Allies Summit, an original painting titled "Womyn Circle," reaches out to women telling us we must join hands and raise them in celebration of our struggle, our past, our differences and our bond.

Wayne's love for art started at a young age with the inspiration of her mother, a single mom with 12 children. Her mother would bring out crayons, paint, paper and whatever else was affordable at the time and turn their kitchen into an art studio. Having six sisters and a single mom taught Wayne about being proud to be a woman and also showed her what true sisterhood was all about.

Wayne received her undergraduate degree from Michigan State University and then went on to graduate studies at San Diego State University. Over the last 18 years, her work has appeared in and on the covers of magazines, books, journals and newspapers.

She is currently planning to attend the University of Detroit Mercy for a special teachers program and Wayne State University for their art therapy program.

"I paint to document a womyn's culture full of strength, wisdom, spirituality and sistahood. I paint to acknowledge and celebrate the strength of the mother, the single mother, the young girl, the pregnant teen, the womyn, the womyn of color, the womyn of alternative lifestyles and the warriors we all become by being who we are and standing up, fighting and celebrating our differences."

Wayne resides in Detroit, Mich., where she owns and operates Artitude (art with attitude), a fine art company. Her work can be found in galleries throughout the U.S., Canada and Japan.

To order a copy of her catalog call 313-535-2024,  e-mail her at or write to
Laura Irene Wayne, P.O. Box 351220 Detroit, MI 48235.

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