New Brochures Cover Disability Issues and Expand NOW's Outreach to Spanish Speaking Community

by Lisa Bennett-Haigney, Publications Manager

Renee Berry-Huffman"NOW has given me the opportunity to be included as a woman of color, a mother and a disabled woman" -Renee Berry-Huffman, National Board Member and member, National Disability Rights Committee.

This spring NOW is releasing two new brochures for state and chapter organizers to use in their membership recruitment efforts.

"Together We Will Achieve Disability Rights" joins a series of brochures introducing prospective embers to NOW's issues and encouraging involvement in the movement to create change. The other five brochures cover general feminist issues, violence against women, lesbian rights, young feminists and racism.

This new brochure focuses on the specific concerns and challenges that women with disabilities face; the connection between disability issues and feminist issues; and the work that we must do together to achieve access, freedom and equality for all women.

These topics are addressed in sections including quotes from feminist and disability rights activists, real-life scenarios, a summary of NOW's commitment to disability rights and a call to action.

"NOW has given me the opportunity to be included as a woman of color, a mother and a disabled woman," says National Board Member Renee Berry-Huffman. "I know there is a place for me and my voice will be heard. It is truly an empowering feeling."

Berry-Huffman is joined by five other women who are quoted and pictured in the brochure, speaking out on how disability rights and feminism touch their lives.

The second brochure is a Spanish translation of NOW's "Together We Will End Racism" brochure, entitled "Juntas Vamos A Terminar Con El Racismo." The Spanish version contains the same material that the English version contains.

Both brochures have membership applications and space to provide local chapter contact information.

Chapters can order copies of these brochures now, and we will send them to you as soon as they're off the press. Call the National Action Center at 202-628-8669 extension 720 or send email to order.

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