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National NOW Times >> Spring 2009

In This Issue

Mississippi NOW's Prop 8 protest

Read about Mississippi NOW's Prop 8 protest and other chapter actions.

Elections Bring Much-Needed Change
A look at the newly-elected feminists in the 111th Congress and NOW's efforts to promote the appointment of highly-qualified, feminist women in the Obama cabinet and administration.

NOW to Elect National Officers at 2009 Conference
A preview of the 2009 National NOW Conference, themed "Turning the Tide for Equality," which will be held June 19-21 in Indianapolis, Ind. This year's conference will feature elections for a team of four national officers, as well as fabulous feminist speakers and action-driven workshops. Learn more about how to vote at this year's conference.

National NOW Officer Slate Information
Information about announced officer slates can be found on NOW's conference website.

Equal Pay Struggle: 46 Years and Still Shortchanged
An update on the continuing struggle to close the wage gap between men and women, with the numbers that show women still falling short and the legislative efforts that aim to achieve pay equity.

NOW Chapters Take Action for Equality Across the U.S.
In an effort to inspire, share and collaborate, NOW activists in Nevada, South Carolina and Mississippi share their stories of gathering together to fight for the issues that matter.

Legislative Update: New Day Dawns in D.C. and NOW is There for Women
A look at the thrilling legislative victories and upcoming challenges women face in Washington, as the November elections usher in numerous opportunities to advance NOW's feminist policy agenda.

Proposed Amendment to National NOW Bylaws
Details of a proposed change to National NOW Bylaws regarding virtual chapters, on which conference delegates will vote in June.

State Ballot Measures Give Reason to Cheer, Work Harder
In November, citizens cast their votes on more than just candidates -- they weighed in on state ballot measures important to feminists. Here is a look at both successes to celebrate and the areas where we must continue to fight.

NOW Fights to Undo Prop 8, Restore Equal Marriage in California
Details of the November passage of Proposition 8 in California -- a heartbreaking setback for equal marriage rights -- and our current fight to overturn it.

In This Issue

Time to Celebrate! Positive Steps for Women's Reproductive Health
Within days of being sworn in, President Barack Obama withdrew the dangerous "global gag rule" restricting international family planning funding, and additional positive developments for woman have followed.

Love Your Body Campaign Challenges Narrow Beauty Standards
Women and girls are bombarded with media messages that portray them as objects and pressure them to conform to impossible ideals. Here is a look at NOW's campaign to help women affirm their natural beauty.

NOW Launches Next Generation Media Hall of Shame
Media misogyny reached toxic levels during the 2008 presidential elections, which we documented in our original Media Hall of Shame. We offer a sneak peek at our 2.0 version, as egregious offenses continue within and beyond the political sphere.

Health Care Reform -- Will the System Still Be Sick?
At last, the move is on to do something about our national health care crisis -- though what the final plan will look like is still a huge question mark. This article details the system's current problems and how best to fix them.

Viewpoint: No Woman, No Culture Immune to Violence Against Women
Every year in the U.S. women experience 4.8 million intimate partner-related physical assaults and rapes -- and every day three women are killed by an intimate partner. So, we ask, why does it seem as if it takes a celebrity assault or an especially disturbing event to get violence against women into the news?

CEDAW: Women's Treaty May Finally Go Forward
Updates on a Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee's planned review of CEDAW, an international treaty aimed at protecting women's rights.

Feminism 2.0 Conference Brings Together Grassroots and Online Activists
How can action-oriented feminist organizations and online communities work together, maximize their combined power, and harness the Internet to reach new people and effect change? On Feb. 2, women asked and strategized about these questions at the Feminism 2.0 conference in Washington, D.C. -- and the prognosis was promising.

Action to End Group Defamation by Auto Insurers
A shocking practice auto insurers increasingly employ -- charging higher premiums to drivers on the basis of lower-status education and occupation -- is an emerging hot topic in state legislatures. In June, it will be addressed in a workshop at the National NOW Conference.

Thanks to Kim Gandy for 36 Years of Service to NOW
NOW President Kim Gandy has served as a national officer for an unparalleled 22 years. Because of term limits, Kim will be leaving the office of president this summer, but there is no doubt she will remain a steadfast friend of NOW and a champion of women's equality.

Appreciation for Outgoing VPs
The three vice presidents -- Executive Vice President Olga Vives, Membership Vice President Latifa Lyles, and Action Vice President Melody Drnach -- are closing out their current terms with NOW.

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