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NOW PAC Endorsement of Hillary Clinton
Leads to Spirited Organizing

By Olga Vives, NOW Executive Vice President

NOW leaders and volunteers organize for Sen. Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania.  From left to right: Susan Stanton, Frank Della Penna, Stephanie Ortoleva, Olga Vives, Marcia Pappas, Tim Booher, Valerie Duhaime. Pennsylvania

Photo courtesy of Marcia Pappas

NOW leaders and volunteers organize for Sen. Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania. From left to right: Susan Stanton, Frank Della Penna, Stephanie Ortoleva, Olga Vives, Marcia Pappas, Tim Booher, Valerie Duhaime. Pennsylvania "travelers" not pictured: Kim Gandy, Melody Drnach, Johanna Ettin, Pat Reuss and Marion Wagner.

Since the NOW Political Action Committee's endorsement of Senator Hillary Clinton for president of the United States in March 2007, NOW activists have been volunteering their time (and money) around the country, engaged in activities to promote her candidacy among the voters in the primary states.

At the end of 2007, NOW leaders from several states convened in Iowa the day after Christmas for 10 days, holding volunteer "House Parties for Hillary." These gatherings were organized by NOW members in Ames, Waterloo, Des Moines, Davenport and others. The purpose was to engage in "retail politics" -- one-on-one discussions among women on the importance of electing Clinton as our president, not only for women and girls, but for our country and the world.

The parties attracted local NOW members, community activists, neighbors and, most importantly, people who hadn't yet made up their minds about their choice in the primary election. We know that some came undecided and left with their minds made up or, at the very least, with useful information on which they could base their decision.

The Iowa tour was the first of what turned out to be a series of events for Clinton all over the country: New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana. Dozens of events have been organized in the various states with the help of NOW leaders, members and supporters on the ground.

Additionally, hundreds more volunteers from all over the country have been active in our phone banks, touching base with NOW members. These callers have reached tens of thousands, encouraging them to vote for Clinton in their respective primaries or caucuses, talking to them about NOW PAC's endorsement and about the senator's commitment to our issues. Callers have reached NOW members in states such as Florida, California, New York, Massachusetts -- in every state where there has been a primary or a caucus. Others have sent in monetary support to NOW PAC to finance some of this effort through an independent expenditure for Hillary for President, as well as our independent web ad campaign (below). NOW PAC's "I'm Ready (for a woman president)" campaign has found tremendous support from women and men all over the country.

Our on-the-ground work has been complemented by online organizing. NOW PAC launched its "Make History with Hillary" website back in March 2007, and it's been growing ever since. In the lead up to the Pennsylvania primary, as well as in Indiana and North Carolina, NOW PAC has purchased web ads to invite people to our siteŚwith great success. In just the last three weeks, our ads have been shown to over 11 million people, and the traffic on our Hillary website has tripled.

This combination of volunteer travelers, organizers, callers, grassroots volunteers, contributors and web outreach has generated enthusiasm and energy this primary season for Hillary Clinton. It has also resulted in votes, with women supporting Hillary in record numbers.

The NOW Political Action Committee is devoted to helping Senator Hillary Clinton capture the nomination of her party and in seeing her become the next president of the United States.

Please visit our Hillary site for more information and to make your contribution to the NOW PAC today.

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