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Here's what YOU had to say about the March for Women's Lives, April 25, 2004

I am a 17-year-old high school junior. This was my first demonstration and march. My Mom and Dad took me. WOW! You just made a believer.
Alexandra Preefer, Pennsylvania

I can’t explain the empowerment and complete gratification I’ve had since returning from the March. You provided a forum for us all to unite. ... This was my first step in activism and thanks to you all it won’t be my last.
Jennifer Knickerbocker, Vermont

The March for Women’s Lives changed my life forever. I recall marching with my friends from Illinois State University and feeling the energy from over a million like-minded people fill my heart and spirit. We have changed the future, together.
Angeline Anastasia, Illinois

This was about families, people from all walks of life, all ages, all there for a common cause. On the plane on the way to and from the March, the dialogue and camaraderie were so energizing—we are all prepared to keep doing this until we get George Bush and company out of the White House.
Jane Carlin, Connecticut

I came from Florida and joined my two nieces, one who came fom California and another who lives in Virginia. The March, filled with young and old, male and female, confirmed my belief that those of us who truly believe in a woman’s right to choose are not sitting back quietly.
Janice Domanski, Florida

When I first got down into the Metro and saw everyone standing there getting ready to catch the Metro to go march, tears of happiness came to my eyes. ... It touched me so much to see there are other women out there who understand the hell women have been and are going through and the difficult choices we have to make. ... I have felt so alone because I haven’t had any pro-choice women to talk to in the rural area I live in. ... It gave me so much strength, that was really needed, to be around all of the women at the March.
Paula Lee, Virginia

This was the most exhilarating, most empowering, most tiring experience I think I will ever have. As I approached the Mall, it looked like a field of flowers – so many varieties, colors, and species, but all flowers. The signs waving and the glowing faces (some shining with tears of joy, sorrow, warmth, and the sheer knowledge of actually being there) made me melt.
Jenna Gilles, Wisconsin

I brought my 17-year-old son with me to the march and throughout the day he kept telling me, “I’m really glad we came, mom.”
Barbara Nelles, North Carolina

I took 11 college students from my Psychology of Women class to Washington. ... They have all become social activists as a result of this March. Thank You!
Marjorie Clark, California

I came to the march alone all the way from iowa. I was happy to find when I got to DC that I was not alone at all. This changed my life forever and I just pray that we won’t have to march for women’s lives ever, ever again.
Emily Allison, Iowa

The incredible diversity of race, age, religion, sexual orientation, and gender was really heartening. I think the March was not just a magnificent statement by women, but a clarion call to the entire progressive movement.
Robert Van Sickel, Indiana

This march really took me back to my “old days” with old friends, when we marched weekly for the ERA in Oklahoma. In some ways it was like marching with the ghosts in my head. And, at least for a little while, I had that same feeling of “I can help change the world” I had back in the late ’70s. I’m holding onto that feeling and acting on it now. Thank you for helping me find that again.
Janet Margul, Texas

Read an excerpt from NOW President Kim Gandy's speech at the March for Women's Lives, April 25, 2004.

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